Places To Sleep NO.1 – San Giorgio, Mykanos

San Giorgio

Credit: San Giorgio

Traveling and exploring is a passion of ours and after traveling through the states and parts of Europe we have never visited any of the Greek islands. Mykanos and San Giorgio hotel is indeed on our bucketlist or at least – wish to – list.

Who can blame us? With a setting to die for located on this Cycladic isle and with a white bohemian interior with natural details this hotel becomes a sanctuary – a place one wish to escape to, for the soul purpose of relaxation. It is these type of holidays that we love.

Well, we do love exploring outside hotels when we travel and we are sure that Mykanos would have a lot to offer on a scooter, exploring both the architecture, nature and the food culture – but still we would have longed coming back to this design hotel and simply do nothing. Yes! Do nothing! Sometimes it is fine to take a way all the must does and just simply care about the moment of doing nothing.


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Art And Posters: Summer Round Up NO1

Arjan Janssen Art Show and Exhibition

Arjan Janssen Exhibition 
© Rik Klein Gotink fotografie

With some new On The Wall interviews coming our way we thought to round up some of our favorite On The Wall talks with some of our inspiring and talented friends. All which are individuals with a passion of the arts and whom uses an expression appealing to us and which we wish to adorn a wall with.

If you wish to see the whole interview simply press the images and you will be redirected to the inspiring talks with the artists.


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Places To Eat & Drink NO.3 – Finlandia Caviar in Helsinki

Restaurant Guide Design Studio 210Caviar in Finland by Joanna Laajisto

Credit: Joanna Laajisto / Photo -

Mid summer and the travel desire has probably hit its peek in the studio. With travel instagram feeds and bloggers entising us of all these lovely spots around Europe we are eager to escape the heatwave and hit a nice city – for a nice dining experience. In fact this whole escaping to some cities will happen but in September as we are heading up to Scandinavia for some much needed inspiration.

So for number three of our Places To Eat & Drink column we will add yet again a spectacular simplistic restaurant designed by talented Joanna Laajisto. Without becoming mundane or somewhat stalking this design studio – this Finish based designer and design team truly knows how to get their hands on some exciting projects. They have once more satisfied our design appetite with the Caviar restaurant.

Happy indulging!

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Office Design: Creative Office Round Up NO1

Squad Ink Design Studio

Branding Agency Squad Ink 
© Anson Smart 

We took the opportunity to look through some of our older creative office posts. With summer being on high speed we wish to wait to upload some new design studios.

After all even though work is constantly something that inspires us – summer is the time when one shall let loose and try to focus a bit less on work and more on what is around us. Even if it means exploring around your local neighborhood and trying to find that – oh so tasty gelato.

In between the ice cream eating and exploring check out some cool design studios below. Press the images if you wish to see older articles from the blog.


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Fredagsmys: Swedish Farm House Style

Swedish Designed Farm House


It is Friday! Can we hear everyone screaming Fredagsmys! Louder…we cannot hear you from this farm house! Team DS210 is shouting Fredagsmys with a long pause. Yes, because when it is Friday it means the weekend is soon smiling at us. No matter if you are working during the weekend or not – do like the Swedes of this world – celebrate this day.

Fredagsmys is yours too. Not just if you are Swedish. It is your day to unwind! The day to remind yourself that you you can…and should relax.

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