Creative Office: Toffee Factory Designed By Xsite

Toffee Factory: Design - XSITE / Photo -  Jill Tate | Design Studio 210

By habit – a lot of the creative offices that are shown here on the blog are located in Scandinavia. With last weeks post being one of them  - this week – I wanted to show you an office which was not Scandinavian. Here we have the Toffee Factory in Newcastle. I stumbled upon this interior design project while preparing for Jill Tate’s interview here on the blog awhile back. Maybe it was the candy-like name that caught my interest…


Fredagsmys: Decorating Counts

Design by Joanna Laajisto Photo Mikko Ryhänen | Design Studio 210

The Swedish spirit of Fredagsmys is on….Who said Fredagsmys only has to be about going out to fabolous places like ‘The Establishment’ – or staying home eating cheese and drinking wine. Today we are – yes doing the cheeses and wine – but we also took a day to decorate and have fun planning things out for our new home – to me this still counts as Fredagsmys. (After all the concept of Fredagsmys in my eyes are about feeling the comfort and relaxation of having completed the work week – knowing that the weekend is approaching.)

The inspiration behind the ‘staying home decorating and count it as Fredagmys’ came after seeing this lovely home by successful interior designer, Joanna Laajisto. I love her take on a casual living area filled with plants.

With this, we wish you a wonderful day and evening! Please -if you wish- share with us how you best would spend your Friday – we would love to hear.


Reuben Lautier Stone Work

Reuben Lautier Stonework | Design Studio 210Reuben Lautier Stonework | Design Studio 210

Some time last year I was introduced to a Maltese artist who took my breath away; Reuben Lautier. He is a local architect and stone worker – a man who sees, connects and understands one of natures natural wonders to perfection. The beauty with his handcrafted pieces are – he does not over complicate things! He looks at the stone with a sensitive care and makes sure to convey its true story through different forms.

“The uncompromising layering of craftsmanship, skill, designs and art in single free objects born out of stone.” – R. Lautier


Creative Office: HSB Designed By PS Arkitektur

HSB office / Design - PS Arkitektur / Photo - Jason Strong | Design Studio 210

We are back and celebrating the mid-week with some creative office inspiration. – Anna Caroline

Let me introduce you to HSB
– the largest housing organisation in Sweden shot by our talented photographer friend – and guest on the blog before – Jason Strong.

What caught my interest with this project is the gorgeously designed atrium with its high ceiling – the light it emits – and the incorporated greenary. And…hold on, this area is actually the lunch room and part of the staff kitchen! Imagine the relaxed and serene feel one would get from enjoying a cup of coffee with the co-workers during break. Yeah – this is a place which sees the importance in vitality for its employees.