Fredagsmys: Home Sweet Home

Scandinavian Small Apartment

If you have followed the blog here you
might have come to realize that Fridays are sacred to me. There is something so lovely about just spending a Friday at home with the people you most love and in a space you are proud to call your own. Whether you are renting or it is yours – whether it is a small space or if it is a large one – it is Friday and a place to come home to.

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Art And Posters: Summer Round Up No2

Artist Karine Leger

Karine Leger 

What is a wall without art?
To us art brings so much to a space, not only will it add colors, texture and a certain mood. It will also bring a piece of the artists story into your space. Art – is a subject that fascinates us. It is something that allows us to analyze and come up with stories on why the art was taken and what it says to the artist. We always admire the creativity in it and of course are always imagining them in an interior setting. Certain pieces of art at times, gets us inspired for a whole design concept and mood for a space – simply by that art piece having that wow effect on us.

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Places To Eat & Drink No.6 – Intro by Joanna Laajisto

Restaurant Guide Design Studio 210Intro by Joanna Laajisto

Credit: Joanna Laajisto


Are you ready for another Places To Eat & Drink? We are so ready for this post. Like we said, this is our favorite type of posts to re search at the moment. Why do we love these places so much to make a column about them? It is not only about the design and hospitality design like we mentioned in the other posts – it is also about the food concept and whole environment. Being amateur chefs who grabs tons of inspiration from both Masterchef to any Foodnetwork show at the moment it is no wonder that restaurants, bars and coffee shops are on our list of inspiring things.

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Office Design: Creative Office No.4

Locomotiv Advertising Agency

Credit: Jason Strong

Are you excited for the last round up of the best office designs we have shared on the blog? We are not excited that this has come to an end as one learns a lot by going through old content and spaces which we have curated over time. But, what we are excited about is exploring and sharing all the new spaces with you. Spaces which hopefully will inspire whether it is in your next carrier move or maybe you are a designer seeking some inspiration for your next project. We are always excited to share the inspiration we curate and cannot wait to hear from you.

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Books On Coffee Table 24


Credit: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Books On Coffee tables started one Sunday when I was browsing Amazon for books. We are always looking for books to purchase and I am especially looking for books with nice covers which I can scatter around the home for some nice decoration.

After having done over 24 posts with coffee table books, this will be our last one. Instead we will have a new way of incorporating our love for books coming up later this year. Instead of these Sunday posts we will be showing some unique design pieces instead which also is something we usually browse for on Sundays.

Back to this weeks Books on Coffee Tables – since we are all in the travel mood lately with posts like this one and this one. We would not say no to a coffee table just like this from Ikea and with the whole series of Design Hotels books. Stylish to look at and oh so inspiring to browse through.