How To Design A Creative Home

Creative home
Creative home

Want to have a home where you want to be inspired to create more?

A space where you wake up in the morning with a great inspiration of feeling innovative and creative.

I always believed that the power in decoration and interior design lays in the impact it can have on our motivation and inspiration.

Which means that it is easily possible through decorating your home in a certain way, for you to be encouraged to – in this case – be more creative.

All you need to do, is to understand what it is that makes you feel inspired to be creative in the first place and then plan your space around this.

To help you on this journey to designing your home to inspire more creativity, I have collected some of the methods I use. I also listed down 5 decoration tips that you can use to nicely incorporate some creative ideas into your space.

Understand what makes you creative. To spark that creativity within you.

Creative home
Creative home

Steps To Uncover How To Inspire Creativity in Your Home

Step 1> Identify why creativity is important to you
Step 2> Identify what you associate with a creative home
Step 3> Visually show this in a mood board
Step 4> Plan for any changes in your home that can help you to translate the mood

Creative home


Why is Creativity important to you?

The most important question to start with is, why is creativity important to you? Is it because you have a fond memory of creativity? Is the word itself giving you a specific emotional feeling that you feel good about?

Understanding this will make you understand the importance of it. And you will also start to understand any benefits this can have on your lifestyle.

For example some benefits could be:

  • A full-filled feeling
  • Inspired and motivated
  • Feeling of happiness
  • Calmness through joyful memories and emotions
  • Mindset around: creative problem solving, opportunities, innovation, idea making, accomplishment, curiosity


What do you relate to feeling creative in your home?

  1. Do you relate to a specific craft or hobby when you think of the word “creative” or “creativity”?
  2. Do you feel more creative in a room with a specific colour scheme?
  3. What objects in your home inspires you to get that creative feeling?
  4. Is there a specific room or area in your home that inspires you more to be creative?


Create a Mood Board

With the findings from the questions above, create a mood board using for example Pinterest.

In the mood board translate the answers of the questions together with the feelings, rooms, colours and other associations you get from thinking of your home as an inspiration to create.

You will then use this mood board as a guide to see how to decor your space to encourage this new creative feel.

Soon you will be spending some precious hours working on your creative passion projects.

To show you an example of this, I have a created a mood board of a creative lifestyle that I use to remind me how to keep my home inspiring for creativity.


Plan your changes in your space

Now you should have somewhat an idea of the visuals that motivates you to feel creative in your home.

With that, it is time to plan for the changes. Do you need to simply move some things around your home? Highlight a few motivating objects? Get your paint brushes or camera on display in the book shelf?

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Or perhaps you would like to add a few additional new pieces, like some inspiring new prints? Or create a new dedicated creative nook area?

Some changes might be bigger than others. But a suggestion is to really look around your space, since you most probably already have some of your most inspiring objects laying around. And might be just a matter of re organization and dusting off some dust from those paint brushes or getting out that old camera that your grand father gave you. And you have the mood you need.

See below for 5 ideas that can help you to plan your home to be more creative.

The beauty of being in a creative state is that, when starting the end result is unknown while the meaning of why is present

Creative home

5 Decoration Tips on Motivating Creativity

  • Make what you think is creatively inspiring to you visible

    Collect and display the items that inspires you the most. Make them speak its own story on your book case, side table or on your coffee table. For smaller objects or where you have a lot of the same object curate these into vases, boxes and baskets. Make them show and inspire you daily!

  • Use accents of the colour that inspires you to create

    Throughout your home inject the colors that you associate with being creative. For example for me, a white wall gives me a creative feeling of testing new mood boards and things, hence leaving it empty might look un-finished to a guest. But to me it is what I need to feel inspired.

  • Create a nook to be creative

    Dedicate a space where you have all you need to get inspired using all the senses if possible. Touchsighthearingsmell and taste. This is the space which will have all you need ready – to go. At any time! All for your creativity to blossom.

  • Go for the imperfect kind of look

    Make some areas of your home intentionally unfinished looking. Creativity is often blossomed by un-finished spaces.

  • Keep bits of papers to create art collage and mood boards

    Keep bits of papers and cut outs to create mood boards and art collages. An idea is to display these visually, example in a transparent box.

Creative home
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My Story

Creativity is for me such a powerful word. I relate being creative to: my family and a feeling of opportunities, curiosity and freedom.

I grew up with a very talented and creative family. All from my moms incredible talent to making small figures out of clay, together with her stunning drawings. My dad and grand-dads ability to turn anything out of a block of wood and a grand-mom with an artistic abstract storytelling ability.

The feeling of curiosity, freedom and opportunities, on the other hand comes from the ability to create anything out of nothing, or the feeling of constantly exploring new ideas.

As a result: A creative home – is therefor vital for me to have a fulfilled life and home environment.

Creative home
Creative home

To You

Can you think of some benefits that feeling inspired to create in your home can give you?

Creative home
Creative home
Creative home
Creative home
Creative home
Creative home

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What is your Creative Tips?

Share with us your ideas for, how to design a creative home


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