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Design Studio 210 is an interior design blog dedicated to sharing meaningful design stories.

We put importance in understanding the reasoning and concept behind a design story. As this is where a meaningful design comes to life.

Design to us is about creating a story – it is about understanding what matters and how to create something unique which speaks your personal story.

Design Studio 210

Our Motto

We can’t imagine an interior space without a meaning – or art, a blog or a business without a story behind it.

We love what we do – and draw plenty of inspiration from office spaces, interior spaces, business, blogs and homes. For relaxation and inspiration, travel and books are our go-to places. We highly praise the art of interior photography – and interview some of the industry’s hottest photographers.

 The Aim
  • Inspire to create spaces and stories with thought and a meaning – see a space as an opportunity to express the unspoken and to motivate.
  • Sharing meaningful design stories where the understanding of the journey, concepts and feelings are more interesting than the final result.
  • Discover the value and impact having a design concept can do.

Our mission is to share a curated design hub that embraces the story behind the design and not only focuses on the final look. We love exploring the true “why” behind a concept and find plenty of inspiration sharing this.


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A Love For design Blogging

Author & Founder

Hi…so great to see you here. I am Caroline a 30-something Swedish born with an insane passion and interest for design and online publication. Apart from a love for blogging I also adore team Design Studio 210 which consists of my life partner, our four legged love and my inspiring friends and contributors. 

With a background in interior design consultation, web production and digital marketing this design website is my fuel for a creative lifestyle.

But mostly what inspires me is the opportunities it gives to connect with other design peers that inspires me with their stories.

Why is design so important to me?

To me the understanding of the why a design have been done in the first place is the most interesting bit – the concept.

Why I also think this is so interesting is because it is such a powerful tool.

To me a well designed room goes beyond the latest trends and the correct design principles, but instead to me it is the thought and meaning behind the design that fascinates me.

By having a clear sense of Why and What you would like the space to do to you, you can change the way you feel and act. To me this is the power!

I use the same thinking and philosophy when it comes to starting design businesses or design blogs. The Why and reasoning is your key!

What is my design style?

My design style I would say is a mix of influences from soft natural tactile elements, to a fresh yet calm feel and combining this with influences from an island lifestyle together with the Scandinavian simplicity mindset.

Mindfulness and calmness is important while still keeping it interesting with some elements with an”imperfect makes perfect” kind of look.


All this because I want my spaces to provide me with tranquility, encourage creativity and at the same time give me some boost of energy.

Want to ask me something? Or wish to just design talk…tweet me or write some lines in the comment field below.

Design Studio 210’s Story

The blog have been live since 2009 in different shapes and countries (USA, Sweden and Malta).

All this time, it has been the place where I could explore my creative side, get to meet people with a similar interest, learn while exploring and get to speak to peers about the true meaning behind a design story.

How did Design Studio 210 start and get its name?

To answer this shortly, the idea of starting this blog happened in my studio apartment numbered 210, when I lived in US (San Diego).

I was studying interior design remotely at the time and had a great deal of need to connect with like minded peers with similar design interest.

There was also a pure curiosity to learn within the web production and online publishing field since I had always dreamt about working for a publishing magazine one day (not just for the school magazine that I proudly did as a kid).

Summed up the blog gave me all those opportunities and so the Design Studio 210 blog was born – 10 years ago.

Friends Said

[…] your blog is fantastic

Jill Tate, Photographer


You have a very nice way of wording things that puts my photos in a better light than anything I could write would.

Jason Strong, Photographer

Really appreciate you talking about branding and bringing the brand into your home. That is exactly how I think and I love that you write about it since most bloggers don’t.

Therese Sennerholt, Graphic Designer

I love the elegance of your blog.

Dermot Egan, Studio Tilt


The idea of collaborations and new creative friends is something I constantly drive for and get inspired by. The blog therefor strives to collaborate with other creatives.

Victoria Crawcour
2point3, graphic design studio

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