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Design Studio 210 is a design blog and website dedicated to a creative lifestyle – covering The Interiors + Architecture, The Art, The People & The Travels. Design to us is about creating a story – it is about understanding what matters and how to create something unique which speaks your personal story.

We can’t imagine a home without life (your life) in – or art without a story behind it – we enjoy rambling in our Sweet Home column or interviewing artists for our On The Wall‘. We love what we do – and draw plenty of inspiration from office spaces, architecture projects and design studios. For relaxation and inspiration, travel and books are our go-to places. We highly praise the art of interior photography – and interview some of the industry’s hottest photographers.


The Aim

To create a design blog where you the creative can feel inspired. A space where the bridge between the creative designers, the architects, new home owners and design students is invincible. A design blog where ideas loves to be shared and collaborations are looked up on as an inspiration.


Extra for the Creative Designer & Lifestyler

+ Find interior design and décor tips here and in our Interior design category.
+ Listen to what our creative design friends have exclusively shared with us.
+ Read up on “How to let your home be an extension of your brand”
+ Need an inspirational read on “How to design a creative home” – check this out.


“A Design Website Dedicated To A Creative Lifestyle. The Interiors, The Art, The People & The Travels.”



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Author & Founder
Hi…so great to see you here. I am Anna Caroline a 30-something Swedish born with an insane passion and interest for design and online publication. Apart from a love for blogging I also adore team Design Studio 210 which consists of my life partner and our German shepherd. 

With a background in interior design, web production and working for a marketing department in digital marketing this design website is my fuel for a creative lifestyle.

The blog have been live since 2009 in different countries (USA, Sweden and Malta) and shapes. All this time, it has been the place where I could explore the creative side, get to meet people with a similar interest and learn while exploring.

Want to ask me something? Or wish to just design talk…tweet me.

The idea of collaborations and new friends is something I constantly drive for and get inspired by. The blog therefor strives to collaborate with other creatives  – “Interactions and collaborations are key for growth.”


Anna Caroline of Design Studio 210 blog


Friends Said

[…] your blog is fantastic – Jill Tate, Photographer


 You have a very nice way of wording things that puts my photos in a better light than anything I could write would. – Jason Strong, Photographer


Really appreciate you talking about branding and bringing the brand into your home. That is exactly how I think and I love that you write about it since most bloggers don’t. – Therese Sennerholt, Graphic Designer


I love the elegance of your blog. – Dermot Egan, Studio Tilt


Victoria Crawcour
2point3, graphic design studio

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