Finding That Sanctuary Space

calming interior design
calming interior design

Feeling at home or feeling that one has found its sanctuary in its home is a wonderful (and much-needed) feeling.

I am speaking of that feeling where your surrounding space, becomes the place where you can escape from the world. The space where you can wrap up and feel safe with the people and surroundings – simply – your own cocoon.

Of course, not everyone has this need, but at the same time many of us do.

How do we go about finding this kind of sanctuary?

There is for sure no right or wrong answer to this question. The answer purely lays within you. But before even getting into understanding how to find it, let’s define what it is:

A sanctuary is short and sweet – a space where we can feel safe and protected (see source).

It relates to your:

  • Feelings
  • Emotions
  • Attachments

    All in all it is a summarize of the emotional and psychological feelings you get when you think of your home as a safe home – a home for you.

Tools I Use

Write down any keywords that pop into your head when you are visualizing your peaceful home.

After this, look after inspiration photos or dive into our best interior design books that can help you to translate this vision to you and create a mood board.

How can this be translated in to your space?

Now it is time to apply those keywords and summaries of the question – what makes you feel at peace and safe at home. And start relating them to actual physical decor and interior items.

  • Certain colors, materials, and patterns all transmit a certain type of feeling
  • Display objects that remind you of this safe feeling
  • Think of your space planning and the way you use light and air
  • Location (if you for example are moving, this can be taken into account)

Above I have collected a few ideas that you can think of to transform an emotional feeling, into a visual reality and therefor hopefully also be able to create your own little cocoon.

You might also want to consider reading more about Holistic Interior Design, to learn how to incorporate some of these elements to create a spiritual wellbeing place.

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My Own Story

I am feeling that the perfect sanctuary home for me is a space where I feel warm, fresh and calm.

These feelings would then be translated to a space connected to nature, using warm and soft colors and materials. As little pattern as possible due to the need of feeling a space calm. The freshens I feel through the space layout, light, windows, colors etc.

What is interesting with this exercise is identifying what elements you might want to have in your space. It might not even be large changes but could involve small changes. It could be as simple as adding some candles to your decor, changing blinds to curtains or decluttering your space.

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Below you can see photos of visuals that I could use as inspiration for my sanctuary home. What might be a different thing if this was in reality is the amount of space this house has – I would surely opt for a smaller version.

But again, great for inspiration!

The calm and natural surrounding evokes a familiar feeling of my childhood and therefor creates a safe feeling for me. The natural landscape adds color and texture to the interior space due to its large glass windows. The fascinating bit for me would be that one could actually follow the different seasons and its colors and textures as it changes

calming interior design
calming interior design

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calming interior design
calming interior design
calming interior design
calming interior design

Credit: Arrhov Frick Architecture Via Yatzer. Photo by Mikael Olsson.


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