Best New Interior Design Books [2024 List]

best interior design books

Are looking for tips on the best new interior design books that are out in 2024 that can both inspire and teach you something new for your interior projects?

My curated interior design book list below includes both books for beginners and for the more avid designers and decorator that is looking for new inspiration. My list also includes some organizational, feel good at home, and plant books to make this round-up complete.

I love books! There is something so magical about spending Sundays or week-day evenings dreaming away while holding a new interior design book and sipping on a cup of your favorite herbal tea.

I for a fact have created my favorite little ritual and routine once a week where I switch off all Instagram and Pinterest information and look to educate and inspire through my favorite interior design books.

I am currently reading through the Interior design handbook by Swedish blogger and stylist Frida Ramstedt now. Love this book, and while it has no pictures at all, it is filled with inspiration and educational text and graphics. If you have not yet got your hands on this book, I truly recommend this book as your only needed home decor and interior foundation book 🙂


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I am very mindful of what I recommend here on the blog, and would only highlight products I either have or think could be of value to you.

Why are these new interior design books better than online inspiration?

  • More calmer and focused inspirational time with fewer interruptions
  • There is a magical feeling in turning page by page instead of scrolling and clicking
  • Stay longer in the bed on the weekends and start the morning with some interior inspiration while having breakfast in bed. Because..why not?

Below you will find books that I currently am looking at and that I hope could be valuable to your interior design journey. I currently do not have all these books yet, but they are on my radar to purchase or even potentially pick up at the library.

The only book I have and that I am going through slowly is the interior design handbook listed below. And as I wrote above – this is truly the best easy to read foundation book I have ready n a long time. When working as an interior consultant I would have easily recommended this to my clients.

The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space

Scandinavian interior design book

Why this book?

This is one of my recommended “must-have” books at the moment within the home decor field. It quickly has become many Swedish interior Instagrammers and bloggers, including myself, favorite. I truly feel that this is the only book you will need to guide you on “how to decorate or interior design”. Perfect investment.

It is written in such an easy vocabulary, which is truly helpful when it comes to explaining the principles and elements of interior design. It is truly like a mini interior design course and after reading this book I am sure you will feel more confident in your home project.

Well done to the author, Frida who also runs the popular blog Trendenser.

Who is this book for?

I see this handbook as being perfect for you if you are looking to learn more about interior design and how to implement this in your own home.

I would also recommend it to people within the field, as it acts as a nice “how to describe” a more complex matter like the field of interior design in a much more simplistic way.

I have it in the Swedish version, and I truly love it! 🙂

The Curated Interior Design Books – Full List

Live Beautiful

new interior design books

Why this book?

While this book is not new for fall, but instead a new interior design book for 2020, I cannot but recommend this book. This book is written by the author of the popular blog EyeSwoon.

The book emphasizes on the meaning and process behind design spaces, which she emphasizes in her introductory words. It is in line with Design Studio 210’s vision on how I look at design and hearing her saying:

“Even if two people acquire the same object, that treasure is only the starting point. It will live in our home in a deeply personal way.” Inspires me to create…

This book is a stunner to have in your bookshelf and will for sure inspire you. Plenty of photos and new ways on how to approach your design story can be found in it.

How To Make A House A Home

best new interior design books

Why this book?

The concept of this book is dear to my heart, with the title clearly emphasizing on that a house is not directly a home unless you make it function the best for you. Whether this is about it being aesthetically pleasing and aspiring to you or if it actually functions for your need.

Who can this book be for?

Such a perfect little house warming gift for your friend who recently moved into a new home whether rental or newly purchased. Of course, this could also be your little evening read book and guide to help you to steer away from copying what others are doing – and that doesn’t work for you. This book is about you and your home!

Happy Inside

new interior design books

Why this book?

Finally we have a book that not only focuses on how to create a happy home and the impact our home environment can have on our health and well-being. (Just like our mission and aim is here on this blog).

But this book also highlights the importance of being true to your financial situation as part of this process. After all, being in debt, just to have a happy looking home might not be that happy home after a few months.

Side note: I will do a book review on this book, if you are interested, as I just made an order for this. Let me know in the comments below.

Who can this book be for?

If you are like me, you are looking to create a happy home for yourself and also perhaps for your partner while at the same time keeping your financial goals in mind. Then it looks like this book can benefit your thought process before you go full-blown out on purchasing your whole wish list for your home.

Wellness By Design

wellness by design an interior design book

Why this book?

Seems to be an inspiring interior design book that focuses on the concept of “wellness in interior design”. This is also something that I strongly highlight here on the blog. And that I truly think we all can benefit from thinking more of.

I am happy to see the author sharing her own personal story as well as highlighting how the different elements in our design can improve or deter our well-being.

Living Little

Living little a new interior design book

Why this book?

I recently downgraded my home (in size) in order to be able to in the future sustain the type of living I want for myself and my family. While the place I am living in now, is already furnished I am loving the whole inspiration of the small-living movement. And spend way too many sleepless nights dreaming of our next tiny house, with a garden. That is built to our needs. This book would be the perfect inspiration for those evenings where I crave this type of inspiration.

See more Scandinavian interior design books in our archive here.

Home Body

best interior design books

Why this book?

This is just one of those interior design personas and books that inspire. I really feel this boost of inspiration from Joanne and also find inspiration through her farmhouse contemporary spaces she designs.

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Made For Living

New interior design books

Why this book?

I think we all know who Amber Lewis is by now, and are all admiring her effortless and timeless style. This book looks very promising, with lovely images together with design tips. This goes into my Christmas list for sure.


Architectural Digest at 100

new interior design books
Author: Architectural Digest

Why this book?

One of the first design magazines I picked up while I was studying for a BA in interior design, while living in a small studio numbered 210 (hence the name of the blog) was Architecture Digest.

I still recall the happiness that thick magazine with those luxurious papers and designs had. I in fact, for plenty of my studies sourced products and designs from one of AD’s magazine. This is my little personal story with AD, and which is why I really would like to have this perfect coffee table and Sunday pleasure book.

All in all, this is a book about legend design talents with stunning photos and a timeless cover. Yup, it is in my cart but I currently have not committed to purchasing this yet. Due to the price, I might even consider a used version.

This Is Home

Scandinavian interior design books

Why this book?

This is a book that focused on the concept of feeling that a house or flat should be a home, this is very dear to me and also to a Scandinavian design mindset.

Scandinavians, like myself, love all things about creating a cozy homely interior setting, this since the majority of time is spent indoors during the long winter months. This book will act as a great inspiration source to get that homey feel, you might be after.

Use Scandinavian inspired books to style your home with – your bookshelf or cupboard.
It will give you that extra Nordic feel in your style.

Style advice – Caroline


Wild Interiors

interior plant books

The Home Edit

organizational home decor book

Want To Find More Books?

See our updated curated best Scandinavian interior design book list.

Recently updated with a book that I am in love with, written by Sweden’s most popular interior blogger and stylist.

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– Caroline


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