How To Pick A Blogging Niche (Plus 25 interior design niche ideas)

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One of the questions that I have got a lot when coaching other people to start their blog, is how do I pick the best blogging niche. In other terms, what should I write about?

While this can be tricky, I do think that we sometimes tend to over-complicate this step.

All in all, picking your blog niche, whether it is to your business, for your potential business, or for you to share your own ideas online, will come naturally to you. Trust me on this.

—— I will guide you on this a bit more below and also share with you 25 specific blog niche ideas for the interior design field. ——

But before we get too deep into thinking of this, let’s look at the basics of what a blog niche is.

blogging niche

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic that you are going to be focusing your blog on. This means that this is the topic that you most probably have an expertise or true passion for.

Having a clear focus on what you will write about, will help you to reach a specific targetted audience. This audience will then have clearer expectations on what to expect from your blog. This usually means, it is easier to convert a visitor to a follower or even a customer.

Earlier in my how to start a design blog post I was mentioning that there are different ways of looking at blog niches.

You can think of a blog niche as:

Broad niche: Interior Design
Specific niche: Scandinavian interior design

The more specific you get the better in some areas, as this can benefit you in many ways.

But important to keep in mind is that the more specific you get, your reader audience might get smaller. With that being said, a small audience can still prove itself to be beneficial, both in regards to building a niche community as well as when it comes to making some money on your blog.

Why should you have a niche blog?

It is simple.

As touched on briefly above, it helps the reader to understand what your blog is about and what to expect, as well as helps you to steer your blog journey with a clearer focus.

While I am highlighting these two elements of why, firstly….there are other important factors why I, and many blog experts, recommend having a specific blog niche.

As listed below:

  • If you are looking to learn to grow traffic from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then picking a niche will help Google to understand your expertise and also will rank you better (of course after you have done proper optimization).
  • It is also usually easier for other broader design blogs and websites to want to refer back (link) to a site that is an expert on let’s say flooring or color. And like that, you will build up your traffic, authority, and backlink profile “easier”.
  • The outside world might “quicker” see you as an authority on the topic (vital is that you actually sit on expertise skills in the area before). This can help you to get mentions, interviews, recognition as well as sponsorship deals. Also having a clear target audience will help you to get proper advertisement and PR deals.

Let’s look at some interior design blogging niches…

blogging niche

—- 25 Interior Design and Home Decor Specific Blog niches

I am here giving some advice on 25 interior design niches that you may want to look into. These are only suggestions and my advice is always to pick a specific niche out of these factors:

  • What within interior design or home decor do I have a passion for?
  • Do I have knowledge in a specific area?
  • Am I planning to use the blog as an extra income source? If yes, then do a quick search using Google to see if your topic gets ads popping up. If yes, then you have found a niche where advertisers are interested to invest.
  • Are there search volume around your topic? Go into Pinterest and search to see how many searchers there are there. Also use a keyword tool like Ubersuggest to see if there is volume in Google.
  • Is my topic trending? Is it an evergreen topic that has been and will be around for some time? Check this on Google trends.

Suggested Sub Blog Niches within Home decor and Interior design

  1. Scandinavian style
  2. Minimalism
  3. DIY and budget-friendly decor (Google trend break out interest)
  4. Small living
  5. Wellness design
  6. Luxury design
  7. Residential design
  8. Commercial design
  9. Office design
  10. Hotel design
  11. Restuarant design
  12. Contemporary design style
  13. Farmhouse design (Google trend break out interest)
  14. Flooring expert
  15. Wallcovering expert (Google trend break out interest)
  16. Closet expert
  17. Organization
  18. Interior design business and marketing
  19. Boho chic
  20. Rental decor
  21. Kitchen design
  22. Bathroom design
  23. Color expert
  24. Japanese interior design
  25. Mediterranean interior design

How to find your blog niche?

You might already by now know what you want to blog about. And what you want to talk about and share.

——- If so, super awesome! ——-

But, if you are still not sure about how you should go about finding your blog niche, I have collected 3 tips that I usually share with my friends.

——- Also, keep in mind that blogging is a journey. It is about enjoying the process as much as the potential goal and outcome. ——-

In fact this blog, has had a few different angles (sub-niches) that I have talked about, and as of recently I shifted gear. Since I have ben blogging now for 10 years, during this time my design knowledge and also interest grew and changed, which meant to me that my blog also followed the same journey. And it is okay!

Think about what it is within the home decor or interior design topic that you always keep on sharing with your friends?

I am sure you know the answer of this pretty quickly. And if not, message a friend of yours who probably can help you on this answer….

Choosing a blog niche – should be something that you love “talking” about to make it easier for you to create content. There can be months in the beginning where you will have few visitors to your site, so having a topic that you love, will help you to keep on showing up to your blog.

Trust me on this, writing about let’s say flooring, just because I have read that this blogger makes some good money on her passion blog project, will not make me want to steer in that direction. Simply, because while I do love a good flooring, I have no expertise nor full interest or curiosity to evolve within that specific niche.

Exercise: Write down on a piece of paper all the different things that pop into your mind, that you have an interest for. Look over your list that you collected from speaking to your friend as well as what you thought about yourself. Pick your favorite coloring pen – and highlight the once that you think you are more curious about.

Look into what specific expertise and knowledge skills you have to offer?

This is truly an important part – being clear on what you have to offer and what skillset you have, can guide you on how to sub-niche your interior topic.

Maybe you took an evening class a few years ago? Maybe you have spent a year trying to get online free courses in a specific topic that you think you might be able to share with others.

Don’t let the scary feeling of having to know everything to perfection, stop you in this process. Use my exercise below…

Exercise: Write down words that summarizes the specific skills that you have. Do not overthink this bit. Even if you think, a skillset you have might not be 100% tied into your blogging journey or interior design interest, still write it down. You be surprised how having a flair for something that can seem off-topic actually is an asset for you.

List down your achievements

Here you are looking at what you have accomplished and achieved. By listing them down it can help you to find an angle of your home decor niche.

Maybe you have recently renovated a home and have tips to share on this? Maybe you hired an interior architect to design your new home, and can share the process around this? Are you studying interior design? This could be an interesting topic for people to follow as well.


  • Try to sub-niche the interior design and home decor niche to make sure you stand out and to become an authority within a specific sub-topic
  • Pick a niche that you have strong interest and curiosity in
  • If you have a specific experience and skillset, use it
  • If you want to monetize your site, make sure companies are ready to spend on advertisement and sponsorship in the niche

The next step

See my how to start a design blog guide, which will help you to set up your blog in less than 15 minutes.

Hi, I am Caroline. I have been blogging for +10 years. I used blogging as a tool to start a career in Digital Marketing.


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