7 Interior Design Blogs [2024 List]

Interior design blogs

For my weekly doze of design story inspiration I reach out to some of my favorite interior design blogs out there.

To me, looking at interior design blogs is a way to seek inspiration, escape reality and sometimes even educating me on a topic. But mostly it is a way for me to connect with like minded peers on the same topic that we have a passion for.

Interior design blogger design studio 210

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a blogger sharing their passion online. All that hard work that goes into curating, creating, writing, uploading etc – all done purely because there is an excitement to inspire and motivate.

My hat goes off to those bloggers who have consistently done this for years, and sometimes without even earning any money on it.

But back to my favorite list…

Why do I follow these Blogs?

  • A style and feel in the interior that I can relate to
  • A mindset on interior decoration and design that I am in favor of
  • An eye for interior design story telling

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My Interior Design Blogs Top List

#1 My Paradissi

My paradissi interior design blog

I have been following Eleni of MyParadissi since she started to blog. Her relaxed vibe of sharing images from Mediterranean styled houses together with a simple Scandinavian style made me a fan from the start.

My most favorite category: Her mood board and Art series

#2 Design Hunter

design hunter interior design blog

Design Hunter has become that website where I purely can get lost and feel relaxed while getting inspired. The minimal, soft and honest approach together with the really nice blog design – makes me a hard core fan.

My most favorite category: Following her renovation diary.

#3 Coco Cozy

Coco cozy interior design blog

This blog I have known about for some time now but only as of lately truly started to connect with it. The owner Coco has such a nice way of story telling and I am loving her dedication she puts on the blog while still only keeping it like a side job. I also enjoy her blog templates. Her blog is also a good source for inspiring images.

My most favorite category: I am usually dived into the Interior category to explore her curated and story-telled photos.

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How to start your interior design blog

#4 Studio McGee

McGee interior design blog

Studio McGee is out of this whole list my guilty pleasure. Not only is this blog written by an interior designer. It is filled with unique design images, but also gives away decoration tips. The stunning blog design makes things easy for the eye.

My most favorite category: Really enjoy the way they set up their design tips series. Solving readers problems.

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Bonus My Own Design Studio 210

Interior designer blogger design studio 210

Since you are already here on my blog I wanted to sneak in my own blog here, Design Studio 210.

Design to me is about creating a (your) story – it is about understanding what matters and how to create something unique and meaningful which speaks and motivates you.

My wish is to encourage more people (and hopefully you) to think about the great motivational impact a good design story can have.

By creating a design story that fits your dreams, goals, and life. Whether it is an actual interior space or your dream to have your interior blog (or business).

With a background in interior design consultancy, I am splitting my passion between being an online creative and sharing design tips here on the blog.

#5 Three Birds Renovations

Three birds renovation interior design blog

Three Birds renovations I actually found out about them over at Youtube, and then realized that they also have a blog.

They are a renovation company focused on interior decoration. To me, it is not just the blog itself which is nice, it is the whole package that they produce – that inspires. The way the story tell through the before and after images. To the way they market themself as people and decorators. They have done a great job with marketing themselves!

My most favorite category: The before and after photos of home renovations.

#6 TLC Interior

TLC interior design blog

I recently bumped into the TLC interior design blog. It is run by Chris an interior designer who focuses on showing budget friendly tips and tricks. His aim with his design service and blog was to show that you do not need to spend too much money to get a nice look.

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Looking forward to follow this blog more…

My most favorite category: So far I am really enjoying his view on the “how to decorate” series.

caroline broman design studio 210

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#7 Yellowtrace

Yellowtrace interior design blog

If you are looking to stay up to date with latest trends, design news, projects and people – then Yellowtrace might be your go to place.

My most favorite category: Enjoy learning more from the interviews that she has on her blog.

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Interior design blogs

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