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Following Scandinavian Interior design blogs is my daily dose of much needed inspiration. It is no surprise that just the Scandinavian interior style inspires me since I am Swedish. Having lived abroad for almost 12 years now, the Swedish design blogs are a way for me to not only stay updated with design inspiration but also to feel a connection to Sweden.

I am not sure about you, but staying up to date with all these amazing new Scandinavian decorating blogs that pops up can be a bit tricky. Usually I spot new blogs either by Googling around or by finding them through some blog lists on the design blogs that I follow. Having stayed out of the blog scene for a while now I thought it was about time to re-check my daily list of blogs to follow and have shared them here with you.

These interior blogs never fail to impress me with the latest design trends and interior design photos. As an example I created the Simplistic architecture blog post after finding stunning images over at one the the bloggers below. Hopefully these blogs will inspire you as well…And if I have missed a blog that you think suits this list and even more importantly if it is your blog then let me know.


If you feel like you wish to have some inspiration on what the thinking is behind this Scandi style or just some collected go to tips and tricks – then jump over to our Scandinavian interior design.


Scandinavian interior design blogs

Credit: Matila Clahrs, The Fold – The Ode

Finding beautiful gems like the stunning new company The Ode – found via Trendenser a couple of weeks ago, is one of many reasons why I like to follow different Scandinavian blogs.



10 Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs To Follow


Trendenser is a one of the biggest Swedish design blogs that daily updates the reader with news, inspiration and trend reports with focus on the Nordic home. The blog itself has been running for over 12 years now and won numerous blog awards. The Swedish design blog is run by Frida Ramstedt an editor, writer, photographer and stylist.

My most favorite category: The weekly industry updates that she shares here

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: The interior shopping tips together with staying updated to the design industry. Also interesting to follow her house projects and work travels

Hannah in the house

Hanna in the house is a simplistic blog with an incredible eye for Scandinavian clean lines. This Scandinavian interior design blog focuses specifically on Scandinavian design together with lifestyle and travels. The blog founder Hannah, is half Danish – has a BA hons degree in Decorative Arts and been working in London as an interior designer.

My most favorite category: Her stories Exploring Scandinavia

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog:
The blogs overall simplistic vibe together with her travel and hotel photos is what inspires me about this blog

Stylizmo Blog

Stylizmo blog is run by Nina, a Norwegian girl with a clear passion for interior design and decoration. This is such a perfect example of a great Scandinavian decorating blog – a combination of beautifully styled interior photos of Nina’s home together with decorating tips, that makes me want to either “move” weekly or redecorate my home.

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My most favorite category: Her interior stories from her own home

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: Her style and her art works


Coca Lapine Design

Coca Lapine Design – is the blog to visit for lovely crisp styled images of interior spaces. The blog is founded by a Belgian designer called Sarah now located in Munich. Her passion for both interiors and graphics shows through her weekly posts and also the posters she designs and sells. If you have a few minutes only to spare a day for indulging in Scandinavian interior design photos – this is your blog to visit.

My most favorite category: Her interior inspiration folder is filled with yummy interior pics

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: Her style to curate those – oh so nice photos


September Edit

Here we have another design blog that never fails to inspire with well curated photos and stories. The blog is run by Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer who used to work in the Fashion industry (her sense of style is impressive) but later changed to the interior and design field.

My most favorite category: Her minimalist interior images

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: Caroline’s sense of style

Good Scandinavian design blogs are filled with inspiring images from Scandinavian interiors together with a doze of the Scandinavian lifestyle – DS210

Bunglalow 5

If you are looking for a Danish design blog with a simple and Scandinavian look then Bungalow5 is to recommend. Allan, the blogger fills his categories with all from product design, trend news, global travel inspiration to interior spaces.

My most favorite category: The travel guides and interviews

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: Following the travels


My Scandinavian Home

Another hard to not get inspired by Scandinavian decorating blog is, My Scandinavian Home. Here the Scandinavian side of you will not be disappointed. Founder of the blog is Niki Brantmark – a blog founder and a book writer – a woman with plenty of vision that is. Her blog today has contributors who helps her to update us with stylish Scandinavian inspired homes with a vintage touch at times.

My most favorite category: All of them

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: The feeling of Scandinavia

BONUS: Soon arriving to my book case is Niki’s book “Lagom – The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy life”. Love the book cover of this book and also think this is such a great gift book for anyone interested in the Swedish culture. Purchase the book over here.


Elisabeth Heier

The blog for the soft minimalism Scandinavian design fan. Elisabeth describes her style as “my style is clean and Scandinavian with a feminine touch.” Elisabeth Heier knows how to curate nice interior photos ad combine them in a nice looking blog layouts – beautiful lines and simple on the eye. Elisabeth runs the blog as part of her job but is also an interior designer and art lover. The blog is filled with renovation tips to styling tips. If you haven’t visited her blog yet I am sure you will have plenty to get inspired by from older posts.

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My most favorite category: All of them

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: Her incredibly sense of style and blog story telling

Nordic Design

Nordic Design is an award-winning blog dedicated to Scandinavian-inspired design and interiors. Curated by Catherine Lazure-Guinard with a love for the timeless and simplistic Scandinavian design. It is now a good go-to source for home tours, travel tips and interviews.

Most favorite category: 
The interview section

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: The blog diversity

Instagram: @nordic_design

A Merry Mishap

Saving the best for last or how do they usually say it? A Merry Mishap have long been one of my favourite blogs to follow. Jennifer Hagler who is the founder of the design blog has a great sense for style. The blog started as a desire to share inspiring design ideas and turned into her full time job. With a passion for Scandinavian design and minimal aesthetics she curates interior spaces to inspire us all.

Most favorite category: 
All of them

What I like most about this Scandinavian interior design blog: The styled photos from her own home combined with curated photos from online

BONUS: See A Merry Mishaps bedroom being featured here on the blog.

If you are not tired to read yet….


How to define these blogs from other design blogs?

  • Usually sources photos from homes from Scandinavia
  • Simple lines are pretty common in the Scandinavian blogs
  • Photos or stories are talks about “bringing” in nature
  • The blogs adore light
  • Usually a minimalism approach to decoration – “less is more”
  • Photos are shown of useful house objects that have become design objects
  • Floors are usually of wood
  • Colors are usually rather subtle: white, gray, blue etc
  • Scandinavian interior design blogs most probably have at least one interior design photo of a fireplace
  • Mentions sustainable design in at least one article

*A fun list of some things we think of when we hear the word “Scandinavian Interior design blogs”. What would you say describes Scandinavian design blogs? Would love a comment below so I can add your comment in the list. 

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