7 Scandinavian Interior Design Door Ideas For Classy Entryways

Scandinavian Interior Design French Doors

We often tend to ignore doors while refurbishing and decorating our space (or think of them last), missing our opportunity to add just the finishing touch rooms need.

If you’re someone who’s all about Scandinavian interior design or the more Minimalistic Scandinavian interior design, then I have compiled a list of the top 7 Scandinavian door ideas to adorn your interior and entryways.

Let’s get started!

1. Sleek White Door With Clean Lines

Scandinavian interior design is all about functionality and simplicity, so the most straightforward (and classy) option is a plain, white door with clean, simple lines. Bonus points if you pick gold hardware!

If you’re renovating your house, you may want to upsize the hallway and entrance portion. This translates to larger doors, allowing more light to enter when they open — a prime factor of Scandinavian style.

White sleek Scandinavian Interior Design Door

Credit: Fantastic Frank

2. Wooden Door

Scandinavian designers swear by light-colored wood, with a prime example being oak. And hence, solid oak doors are a contemporary approach to wooden decor. Finally, complement the look with satin chrome hardware.

Wood Scandinavian Interior Design Door
Wood Scandinavian Interior Design Door

Credit: Fantastic Frank

3. Sliding doors

A sliding door might not be that popular in more traditional apartments unless renovated but more popular in newer dwellings in Scandinavia or in renovated homes. This is such a smart space-saving tip, which is often something one wants to think about in a city living.

Scandinavian Interior Design sliding Door
Scandinavian Interior Design white sliding Door
Scandinavian Interior Design white sliding Door
Scandinavian Interior Design white sliding Door

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

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4. Glass Door With Steel Frame

Another very minimalist choice is opting for a glass door — with the added benefit of allowing in more natural light. For the frame, you can use steel to create a contemporary look. Both steel and glass are celebrated materials in Scandinavian design!

Bonus: Such sleek doors can also make the home more appealing for selling.

Scandinavian Interior Design black glass framed Door

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

5. Door With Frosted Glass

Breathe life into your room by installing a door with frosted glass. Use white — or forest green for a punch of color — for the wooden area, and use frosted glass for the inner glass panels.

The fact that the glass is incorporated creates much more of a visually roomy feeling than opting without it!

Scandinavian Interior Design white glass frosted Door

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

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6. White door with panels

Scandinavian Interior Design traditional white panel Door

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

Simple and traditional that will work in a contemporary space is adding a white door with frames. This gives the door and the room a tailored feeling which to me feels very elegant and timeless.

I am especially loving the juxtaposing color of this white door in the photos and the darker walls, combined with the warmer tone in the wood dining set.

7. French doors

Breathe life into your room by installing French doors. Go for white doors with frames and you will have french doors that are compatible with Scandinavian decor.

Adding french doors to your space separates two spaces while making room for a visual connection and allowing the feeling of more space with the wise door opening!

Scandinavian Interior Design  french Doors
Scandinavian Interior Design  french Doors
Scandinavian Interior Design  french Doors
Scandinavian Interior Design  french Doors

Credit: Entrance Mäkleri

Scandinavian Interior Design Doors For Sleek Looks!

Hope you have enjoyed this round-up with my top 7 Scandinavian interior design door ideas. If you are still interested to get some more Scandi vibe ideas, then check out my post on other Scandinavian Interior design blogs.

Are there any ideas that you will try to implement or are there any ideas you think should have made my list here?


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