Embrace the Moody Dark Scandinavian Interior Design

Dark Scandinavian bedroom interior design

Do you like Scandinavian design with its clean lines, functional focus, connection to nature, but want a more moody and dark feeling – say hello to the dark Scandinavian interior design style.

In recent years a new trend of the Scandinavian interior style has emerged being focused on combining the best of Scandinavian interior principles and elements while at the same time creating a more moody, deep, and cozy interior.

This new twist of the style feels more dramatic and creates a warm and cocoon feeling environment (complete opposite to the Scandinavian minimalist interior design) that still highlights all aspects of creating functional and beautiful spaces with simplicity in mind.

In fact plenty of Scandinavian interior design blogs who show their incredible homes online, have opted for more darker Scandinavian house and homes, in the recent years.

Let’s jump into exploring the key elements and our top 6 tips how you can also achieve this darker interior while keeping the overall Scandinavian design principles in mind.

Key Elements of Dark Scandinavian Interior Design

Use A Moody Dark Color Palette

Dark Scandinavian bedroom design
Credit: Nomad Makleri found via Coco Lapine

The core for this type of style is to select a color palette that is more on the moody side and that has majority of dark vibes to it.

Paint Walls Dark

Dark Scandinavian bedroom design
Credit: Nomad Makleri found via Coco Lapine

Paint all the walls black for a dramatic impact of your room. If you are all brave and want to go for the real cocoon feeling, opting for a painted dark flooring and ceiling will take this to another level.

If you are into a safer bet, keep flooring lighter and also use window treatment that is lighter but yet gives off a more moody feeling.

Play with Light

Dark walls Scandinavian bedroom design
Credit: Styling by Helena Sand via Entrance Makleri found via Coco Lapine

Playing with natural or artificial lighting is key for a successful dark scandianvian interior.

Even if the darkness is the key champion here, juxtaposing this with something that feels calming and uplifting is needed, for it to not become too much of a mood breaker.

Add Natural Materials to Contrast

Dark gray walls in Scandinavian living room design
Credit: Nomad Makleri found via Coco Lapine

Balance the starkness in the dark walls with softer and more natural elements like wood, brass and even leather and more natural fibres of materials.

Embrace Nature

Dark gray Scandinavian living room
Credit: Sweden’s top interior designers – Lotta Agaton – found via My Scandinavian Home

Bringing in some nature elements like greenery and plants will make sure that you bring some life and energy into the space.

I have a list of the most popular Scandinavian decor plants that could be of inspiration here.

Layer Textures

Dark Scandinavian interior design
Credit: Sweden’s top interior designers – Lotta Agaton – found via My Scandinavian Home

Layer different type of textures to create a more interesting and depth feeling space.

Focusing on more natural materials like sheep skin, linen and leather will make sure that you also continue to focus on the more natural aspect of the Scandi style.

Also layering textiles with a cozy chunky blanket will also create some Hygge interior style vibes and a great feeling for autumn.

Add Art Work

Dark Scandinavian interior

Credit: Styling by Grey Deco, photographed by Fanny Hansson found via Coco Lapine

A Scandinavian interior design is not complete without some art on the wall – especially focused on abstract prints or black and white photos.

What is nice in a darker moody Scandinavian decor is to incorporate lighter prints on the wall, especially if you feel the space needs a bit of a brightening up for your liking.

Simple Furnishing

Dark gray Scandinavian bookshelf
Credit: Styling by Grey Deco, photographed by Fanny Hansson found via Coco Lapine

Keep it simple!

Clean lines is everything for this style to feel successful, with that being said, adding some more depth through skirting or wall moulding, is never a bad idea.

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Still want more?

Top 6 Tips for Your Dark Scandinavian Interior Design

  • Create only one room with dark walls

    If creating your whole home with dark walls seems daunting, go for the usual Scandi light color scheme but add some drama into one zone or room.

    Example, a movie room, or your office (if you like the dark feeling) or reading nook for those cozy, calm, cocoon feeling vibes.

  • Juxtapose darkness and lightness

    Make sure to play with lighter elements through lighting, as to not make the space feel too dark for the best balanced outcome.

  • Keep flooring lighter than walls but still in a moody tone.

  • Contrast apertures and walls (similar color tone in different shades)

  • Go for same dark colored ceiling as walls for pure depth building

  • Paint the ceiling white to contrast and bring in light to the otherwise darker theme

Now I am curious to hear are your ready for dark Scandinavian interior mood in your own home?

Let me know in the comments below!


While the Dark Scandinavian Interior Design keeps on intriguing me and at times I feel like painting some walls darker, overall for my own meaningful home, I know I thrive in lighter color schemes, more used in the Scandinavian interior design or Modern Mediterranean interior.

And in fact this is why I believe in understanding what is important to oneself and what type of environment one thrives in – and not purely going for a trend. Even though of course trends are great for inspiration.

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