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Dog interior ideas

While old news, Pinterest predicted in 2022 that the searchers and interest will increase for Luxury dog room ideas. 

Being that we are now almost heading to 2024 – this is still of high interest to dog owners and now you can easily find plenty of ideas and images on Pinterest for your new renovation or new update in your home.

Whether you want to spoil your canine friends with their own separate room, or create a special nook for them, or for your own sanity create a bathing station for them or incorporating kennels in furniture to make them look more flawless in your interior – this list will hopefully be giving you some ideas.

Luxury Dog Room Ideas flap door
Credit: lvia linda macarthur architect found via Rooms for tuesday

As a dog mama of two larger furry balls I can of course totally relate with the idea of having a dedicated bathtub station, integrated kennels or even a dedicated play and sleep room for them as well as storing their stuff.

Below I have listed some my top 7 ideas on how you can add a luxury dog room to your home.

Let’s get some creative ideas…

1. Create a dog nook

If you have a specific zone or nook in your home, like in a corner or under a unit or somewhere in a hall-room for example – then creating a specific nook for your dog to relax can be an idea.

By creating a designated space, your dog will have its safe zone and you will feel like this area is designated for your dog. This will be helpful both for your dog, but also will make your interior look more clean, and put-together.

Luxury Dog Room Ideas nook
Credit: Canadian architecture firm StudioAC found via Dezeen

2. Under the stair kennels

Creating a kennel built in under the stairs is such a great idea and space safer as well. As usually this space under the stairs either goes to waste or is used for some extra type of storage.

This little nook will look custom built in and you can opt to either close it off with a door, or leave it open. Depending on the length and depth of the space you might even have space to store their extra stuff, as well as creating a cozy little den for them.

Luxury Dog Room Ideas under stairs
Credit: Kitty Lee Architecture is at and @kittyleearchitecture

3. Spare a whole room

If space allows, then creating a whole room designed for your dogs activities and needs, can be a way to go.

Like this you will be able to keep all dog things organized in this room for your dogs clothes, leashes, extra pillows, beds and throw blankets. As well as a way to store all those toys. This room can also be used as their sleeping room and you might use the room to keep them safe in when you leave the house.

Of course having this room does not mean that I would personally not let them be anywhere else in the house, but this is more where all their stuff are and also where I could safely keep them when leaving the house.

Luxury Dog Room Ideas
Credit: laurey glenn for southern living

4. Built in kennels in cabinets

Building a custom kennel inside a cabinet, will create that custom luxury feel into your home and will not compromise with the look and feel of your design, while at the same time allowing your dog to have a safe place to retreat to. Not every one are of course a fan of kennels, but if you are, then going for the more custom look will go a far way.

5. Custom Built beds

Same as the custom built kennels, it would create a luxury feeling both for your dog and for your own interior to custom build beds that suits your interior. This could be free standing beds, placed in your bedroom, replicating similar materials as used for your bed. Or, could be built in to let’s say a storage unit of some sort.

Have you seen that bunk-beds for dogs is a thing if you have two dogs? Gotta love this! But not so sure my dogs will love it though.

Luxury Dog Room kennel idea

6. Built in feeding station

A feeding station that is built in to your kitchen will create that very much luxurious feeling into your home.

This can be done by designing this into your kitchen island or drawers. And could also be done in a more budget friendly way by creating some sort of more tailored feeding station not into your expensive fitted kitchen but somewhere in your kitchen by a wall or a corner.

Luxury Dog Room feeding station idea
Credit: Kristen Forgione has grown THELIFESTYLEDCO via Decoholic

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7. Murphy Dog Bed

If you are living in a smaller space or wish to be able to clear away your dog items when guests are coming over, then incorporating a Murphy dog bed can be a cool way of doing so. 

If I did do this, I would still like to keep a more minimal dog bed around the home where I know I spend most of my time, to make sure that the dogs had somewhere soft to nap while I am working.

8. Dog Showers and Bath Station

For people without dogs this must seem like a crazy thing, but for any one with a large breed dog and that sheds a lot. Or a an older dog that cant jump into the bathtub, a dog shower or bath station doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea. Is it luxury? Yes, for sure! But would it help everyday life living with dogs- yes absolutely!

If I had the space and budget means to do this in a mud-room for example, this would be something I would add. I am only thinking how amazing this would be after those fall muddy walks around the country side where I live – and how helpful this would be.

There are some really sleek ways of adding this to your decor and not making it look tacky but rather luxurious and nice.

9. No nook – Create one

If you do not have a specific nook or zone that would be nice for a built in dog bed, then creating a nice little nook, with the help of cushions could be one way of doing this.

Creating luxury for my dogs and myself is not a good to have but a must have.

Okay, I might not go all in on all the items here mostly due to space, but if I had the opportunity to do so I would really consider what is a priority for us to help every day life with dogs and creating with that little extra luxury in our every day, all by incorporating these luxury dog room ideas.


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