11 Stylish Dog Beds with a Minimal look [2022 Trend]

Are you looking for stylish dog beds that will be functional and looks comfy and cute in your decor? 

After having adopted two furballs the past year (one german shepherd 1.5 years of age, and one shepherd mix that is 8+ years), they have clearly taken over our life, our flat (any dog owners who can relate on this?) and lastly they have of course created a more meaningful life for us.

Dog in nice interior

While they have provided more purpose in our life, they have also made us realize how important it is to keep things organized and stylish, even if we have a home full of dogs (full is over exaggerating, but that’s how it feels at times).

Mostly this need to stay organized and stylish is even more important since we during the same time moved into our summer apartment. Which meant we had a smaller space and now two dogs plus all their stuff. We decided very early on, to only bring in dog items that we like the design of and that fit our style and mood.

Of course, functionality is always important and there are some items that are a bit of a more eyesore that I need to still have, and I hide them in convenient baskets around the house.

But in regards to a stylish minimal dog bed, in our space, it is not possible to hide and takes up a large chunk of our room especially since they are medium to large dogs. Meaning this was a no-brainer that I was going to invest some more money in order to get the comfy and stylish bed that I wanted for them.  

I am saying for “them” but of course, it is for us as well ;)…There is nothing better than those early morning cuddles when we jump into their beds or those cozy evenings where we see our dogs truly enjoying and being chilled in their comfy beds in a questionable position. 


The bed that I have purchased I have used an affiliate link for. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means when you click on one of my recommended books, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission.

I am very mindful of what I recommend here on the blog, and would only highlight products I either have or think could be of value to you.

Here are my top 11 favorite stylish dog beds that have a more minimal dog bed design that would go so well in a Scandinavian-styled home, and that I was looking into before going for this one.

Handmade Dog Bed

Dog bed made of rattan

This stunner handmade dog bed is made out of traditional Ghanaian craft techniques and made from Natural Elephant Grass. I think this type of bed would look so cute with its structure and basket feel and would fit any of my interiors. On the other hand, my dogs might not favor this one since it does not have covered sides and missing the sides being shorter since they love to lean their cute little heads over the sides.

But again, wow! True craftsmanship! And stylish design!

Shop: HomebyDesignDua

Minimalist grey dog bed

Stylish minimal beige dog bed

This is actually one of my favorites, just plain pillow style, and that is made of 100% polyester upholstery, and with removable and washable fabric.

I would actually like to have two extra beds like these in our office for the dogs not to have to carry their larger night beds around in the home. Easy to stack and bring to our summer house as well and a very stylish dog bed that I would be happy to own.

Shop: Koirantassu

Dyed Handwoven Dog Basket

Rattan dog bed

If you are looking to contrast your minimal interior space then adding a handmade dog basket like this one could be a way to bring in some warmth. This dog bed is handmade by craftsman living in Africa.

Shop: ZaareFolks

Modern Orthopedic Dog Bed

Stylish dog bed minimal

Stylish and simple looking beds that are good for our furry babies bodies. What more do we want? I like the look of these beds since they are easy to store while cleaning, on the other hand – my dogs, at least one of them would probably disagree since he truly loves putting his head on something elevated.

Shop: LayloPets

Trixie Square Be Nordic

Stylish comfortable gray dog bed

This is the bed we ended up deciding on, not only did it sound like a Nordic-inspired brand that made me feel connected to home. But also the branding, material and shape made it the right decision for our dogs and our home.

Donut dog bed

Stylish doughnut bed

Cutie little doughnut beds…love the look and color! I am usually not a fan of rounder beds but I must say, this is one of my favorites. It oozes, cozy, cuddly and snuggly. Also important all is washable as well.

Shop: Koirantassu

Modern Orthopedic Dog Bed

Minimal dog bed in interior

This minimal dog bed works so well in any decor, as can be seen on the photo above. Its minimal design makes it stand out in its simple form but not overpower the decor of the space.

Shop: LayloPets

Cozy Donut Large Bed

Minimal dog bed gray

All I can think of with this bed is…snuggly mornings and cozy evenings! Yep, I might be spending some time in this bed together with my dog cuddling up while watching a movie.

Shop: ShopZoomies

Modern Orthopedic Dog Bed

Minimal pillow dog bed

Simple, structured and fun! This bed with its minimal design yet a bit of fun fabric makes this bed acting as a piece of art in your space.

Shop: LayloPets

Gray Kolosony Dog Bed

Stylish dog bed gray round

Such an artistic master piece – this stylish dog bed will make your friends jaw drop!

Shop: HuntingPony

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Cool Orthopedic Dog Bed

Minimal dog bed pillow style beige and black

Modern, cool, and yet somewhat classic looking this orthopedic bed looks fab in the setting in the picture above. Being orthopedic we are reassured that it will be good for our doggie’s bodies as well.

Shop: LayloPets

Which bed is your favorite or do you have another one that works for you and your dog?


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