10 small office interior design ideas

Small office interior design

Lately, I have been obsessing over small office interior design ideas like hiding an office in a closet space or creating a nook in a wide hallway design. Or simply having a small office design in the guest bedroom.

This new inspiration of course comes with now most of us are working from home. And the fact is that many of us did not plan to have a proper home office set up for remote working.

For me, the reality is that I am now fully focused on doing remote work from home, more long term.

And also this year we downgraded our living by moving into our summer house on a small island somewhere in Mediterranean. Due to this, and remote work we are now eagerly looking for small office ideas that can work in our space.

Small office interior design
In this small office interior design they have combined a guest room with a small office nooks. A good way to save space. I like how the book case is built in and acts like the backdrop of the desk. The built in shelving units takes off the focus of the desk area and creates a very sophisticated minimalist feel.

Credit: Fantastic Frank

To inspire me for this change but also hopefully help you to get some ideas for your office nook. I have here collected 10 small office interior design ideas.

————— There are so many creative interior design ideas out there to get inspired by. I am seriously amazed at people’s creativity. Living in a small space is charming and can if planned out properly still work so you still have your dedicated workplace – the images below are proof of some creative designers and bloggers showing us just this.

Whether you are planning to do some late night work from home, or write (or start your design blog) or maybe just doing some random online browsing – a small office interior design could be just what you need.

Small office interior design
This desk area in the bedroom or guest bedroom gives me that grown-up hotel look feel. Adding elements like flowers, a mirror and a beautiful lamp gives the desk a soft feel and works good if the desk is used once in a while. It also takes away from the “busy” look of a desk area and instead gives it a harmonious feel. What do you think, would this desk size be enough for a small office design?

Credit: Alvhem

Interior design is about making the best possible use of the available space

10 Small Office Interior Design Essentials or Tips

  1. Inspiring area: An area to showcase things that inspires you to perform your task
  2. Enough desk area for a laptop and extra screen
  3. A vase of fresh flowers
  4. A place to lean art or a mood board for the imperfection makes perfect kinda look to inspire creativity
  5. Make a statement with your work lamp. Functionality meets design…
  6. Use a decorative ergonomic chair especially if the office nook is in a bedroom (of course comfort should be taken into account here – so make sure you protect your back too)
  7. Neutral color palette is an idea when you are trying to hide away an office
  8. Use baskets or storage boxes to hide away office materials
  9. Dress the wall with nice art
  10. If you want to highlight your office space, paint the backdrop of your office wall in a fun color

If you are into simple lines and functional spaces like some of these office spaces then you might like our Scandinavian interior design full post. 

Small office interior design
This small office idea is capturing the “imperfection makes perfect kind of look”. The minimalistic yet relaxed feel gives this space a creative feel.

Credit: Only Deco 

Small office interior design
This idea I think works wonder in a small office that potentially is used as a guest bedroom as well. A desk that is small enough to hold the essentials and can work when you bring your laptop home for some weekend work.
Small Office Interior Design
The sophisticated color palette combined with the use of rattan and art works gives me a sense of balance. I could easily see this work in a guest bedroom where focus is on the bed area or even in the bedroom (even though I am not a big fan of a work area in the bedroom sometimes due to space it is needed and can still work out).

Credit: Stadshem

Small office interior design
Combining functionality with an ergonomic chair together with sophisticated materials and textures…love it!

Credit: Photography / Home-owner My Scandinavian Home, Styling Genevieve Jorn

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Small office interior designSmall office nook

Credit: Studio Oink Via Food52

Interested to get more inspired by Scandinavian interior design books? See my curated book list that I put together with some of the latest popular books that will get you in the right Scandinavian interior mood.

Small office interior design
Add a fun corner office by adding a two colored wall together with shelving

Credit: Hittahem Via ItalianBark

Small office interior designSmall office interior design

Credit: Västanhem Via MyParadissi and Food52


Small office design
In this small office interior design they have focused on a classic yet minimalism feel. I especially adore the office chair.

Credit: Sylizimo Via Style & Minimalism

Have you found any home office ideas that have interior designs that inspire? I would love some ideas especially around squeezing some office nooks in closet areas or even designed well in a hallway nook.

Also if you have some extra time and would like to find some more office inspiration make sure to check out all our lovely blog friends listed in our Scandinavian interior design blog list post.

  • Thanks for this! Putting in an artwork or frame near or facing the desk looks like a good idea. I’d try putting up pastel colored ones for cooler tone. I’d also probably print a similarly toned desk mat design to match 🙂 Thanks again!

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