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Are you looking to get extra inspired by the Scandinavian design style? Then take a look below at my curated top list for Scandinavian Interior design books.

The list is put together after a friend of mine asked for my favorite lifestyle and interior design books that talks about Scandinavia, when she was fixing her place up.

And with that, voila! Design Studio 210’s first curated book list with one of our favorite styles. Hopefully you will find a few gems here.

Below, you will find not only find interior design books focused on style but also books that uncovers the way Scandinavian lives. Like this you will get a better understanding of what is behind the idea of this style.

Let me know what you think of the books below that we want in our book shelf in the studio…

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Disclaimer: When you click on one of my recommended books, you are clicking on an affiliate link. This means that if you purchase a book I will earn a small commission, which will help me to continue to create more content. This small commission will not be an extra cost for you. I only recommend few items on the blog that I really truly get inspiration from.

Scandinavian Interior Design Books VS Online inspiration?

  • Nothing beats getting inspiration from a book with a cup of coffee
  • A book gives you that tactile experience. Turning and feeling pages.
  • Bring your book on the balcony or garden for off-screen time
  • Gives you an chance to truly enjoy the book calmly

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1. Scandinavian Dreaming

Scandinavian interior design books

Why this book?

Dreaming of a way of living in Scandinavia with beautiful images as the reviews promised makes me curios about this book.

It looks like the book goes over a few different sub styles within the Scandinavian design style. Some more classic interiors, also some bohemian inspired interiors and also minimalistic spaces.

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2. Scandinavian Style At Home

Author: Thames and Hudson / Allan Torp

Why this book?

I am curios about this book to see how blogger Allan Torp perceives and communicates the Scandinavian interior design style.

Since this book focuses on having a guide room by room it could be a good way of segmenting inspiration. And perhaps act as an inspiration for my up and coming bedroom redo at home.

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3. The Scandinavian Home

Author: Niki Brantmark

Why this book?

I am a big fan of Niki Brantmark way of wording things. I also like the way she portrays the home of Scandinavian people on her blog. Light, homely and with a heart. And with that I think in fact this might be my first purchase.

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See more Scandinavian designed homes in our archive here.

4. Simple Matters

Author: Jenny Mustard

Why this book?

To me this book is the perfect “looking for inspiration” type of book. Covering more than just the interior spaces but also the philosophy and mindset of Scandinavian living.

Just up my alley for a Sunday kind of book.

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5. Northern Delights

Author: Emma Fexeus

Why this book?

One of the most popular Scandinavian interior design books out there by the Swedish interior design blogger Emma Fexeus. In fact she was one of the first bloggers out there writing and showcasing Scandinavian interior design to the world.

After all these years this book have yet not landed on my book shelf but would love to own a copy one day. The book focuses on promoting local young talent and sustainability efforts as well.

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Use Scandinavian inspired books to style your home with – your bookshelf or cupboard.

It will give you that extra Nordic feel in your style.

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6. The Little Book Of Hygge

Author: Meik Wiking

Why this book?

Simply think this is a cute little book to look through once in a while and always reminds oneself about mindfulness and happiness.

A great gift to give to someone interested in the Danish lifestyle culture as well.

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My favourite book is “Lagom“. Perfect way of learning how the Swedes live and understand the impact that this have on the interior design


7. Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life

Author: Niki Brantmark

Why this book?

An inspiring little book about the Swedish concept of “lagom”. Not too little and not too much. This books is filled with simple ideas that truly makes me appreciate the Swedish culture and my up bringing.

Recommending this as a sweet little gift as well to a friend interested about this culture.

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Want To Know More About The Scandinavian Style and Philosophy?

Scandinavian interior design is about simplicity and functionality. It is about Quality over Quantity. The way the style have developed is based on these elements together with the mindset of how Scandic people live and see life.

Click link to see our full guide, written from a Scandinavian born mindset.

scandinavian interior design books

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