Green Couch Living Room Ideas [6 Tips]

Green Couch Living Room ideas

If you are looking for a timeless neutral but vibrant color for your living room then I have collected green couch living room ideas for you to get inspired from.

Adding a green couch to your living room can feel daunting and over the top, I get it, but as displayed in these images below, this vibrant yet grounded color, gives the space a natural feeling, while still giving the space more color than the common beige or white sofas.

Also, a green sofa is timeless and is easier to maintain than a lighter sofa, especially good if you have dogs, or kids or feel that you do not want to obsess over small miss-colors on sofas.

Let’s jump into the tips!

Top 6 Green Couch Living Room Ideas

Match your Green Sofa To Your Outside Greenery

Vibrant green couch in a living room
Credit: Design by Erin Fetherston

In this interior, the designer Erin Fetherston has created a nice connection between the outdoor greenery and the indoor green on the sofa.

This deep and vibrant green adds energy and life to this space while balancing the otherwise beiges, browns, and whites within the space – creating a natural yet vibrant oasis of the interior.

Combine Green and Soft Pink

Another green couch living room idea is to go for a green sofa with pinkish or salmon-ish walls.

While this combination might feel – a bit more out there – I can see this fitting lovely just in a living room to create a softer yet grounded space, for those cozy game nights.

Create a Concept Inspired By A Forest

Green ouch in a moody interior setting
Credit: Design by Ksenia Bahareva

The designer Ksenia has created a living room with the feeling of a forest.

The green tree, combined with the green sofa and green curtains creates depth and a grounded feeling within the interior.

Add a Curvy Green Sofa

Vibrant green couch idea
Credit: Homes To Love

If you feel brave and want to add even more energy to your space, then going for a green curvy sofa can spark life into your living room.

Deep Dark Green Couch and Oak Wood

The combination of deep dark green and oak cannot go wrong, especially with the use of lighter and neutral colors.

A Deep Green Couch as a Room Divider

Velvet dark green couch idea
Credit: Lulu and Georgia

If you have an open plan space for the kitchen and living room, then why not add a green sofa as a divider in the room?

In this space the designer has created a perfect continuation in the space by making sure green is visible in the kitchen, as well as outside.


One of the first sofas that I purchased when living in my apartment in Sweden was a green second-hand sofa. It was of mid-century style and was one of my pride and joys in my home.

A green sofa is a big potential for our newly built home as well, as we are leaning toward something more dog-friendly.

Are you still looking for more green sofa ideas for your living room, then here are some common questions that might be of value.

What colors go with a green sofa?

There are plenty of colors that go with greens, for me my favorite is portrayed above using neutrals, browns, and muted pinks.

Is a green sofa a good idea?

Yes! It is timeless and gives a neutral space and an earthy yet vibrant feeling. And much better to hide normal ‘dirt’.

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What are the Pros With a Green Sofa?

  • Timeless
  • Dog friendly
  • Works well in a neutral space
  • Is a neutral perceived color while still adding vibrancy and energy

What are the Cons With a Green Sofa?

  • Might feel too trendy (unless green is a color you usually like in your decor)
  • Easier to ‘get tired’ off as a color due to more vibrant color (same as above)

Are green sofas too trendy?

Green sofas will always be in style for you if you like green and the feeling that green gives to your space and life.

When it comes to trends, currently Google Trends is showing a spike in interest around Green Couches and so is Pinterest.

While this is trending, it does not mean a green sofa cannot be timeless if incorporated in a timeless manner using neutrals as a base.

Let me know in the comments below if you would want a green sofa in your home.


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