Apricot Living Room Decor Ideas [Top 6 Tips]

Apricot living room design with art in focus

In 2024 it is predicted that we will see more of apricot living room decors according to Italian Bark which does trend analysis.

Apricot as a color in your living space will give a warm, fresh yet playful feeling. You can go for a more bright apricot or for a more muted beige one, it all depends on your preference and what gives you joy in your home.

Whether you wish to go all in painting all your walls apricot or if you choose to use it as an accent color within your home, is up to you.

Let’s explore these apricot living room decor ideas together!

Apply Deep Apricot Wall Color

apricot living room design all walls painted
Credit: Project by @damienlangloismeurinne_studio Photos @stephanjulliard Art advisor @nicolas_beutler Stylist @iangphillips

If you feel brave and wish to go all in, paint both walls, trims, apertures, and ceiling in different shades of apricot.

While this can seem daunting for some, looking at the incredible design by Damien in this space above – there is nothing but serenity, order, and warmth in this space.

Apricot Art

Apricot living room design with art in focus
Credit: Project by @damienlangloismeurinne_studio Photos @stephanjulliard Art advisor @nicolas_beutler Stylist iangphillips

Juxtapose your beige and neutral walls with a pop of color using a more saturated apricot shade.

Muted Apricot Wall Color

Apricot living dining room
Apricot books shelf
Credit: Kolorat

A muted apricot wall color cannot go wrong in my eyes, and this is actually a color I am thinking of for my own space.

This warmer, neutral tone gives off a warm, soothing, and feminine feeling that fits very well for a living room where social connection is of the highest priority.

Add Apricot Flower Details

Keep it simple – and add only apricot accents through flowers that you can easily switch out.

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Apricot Accent Furniture

Apricot living room accent color
Credit: Inside Closet Photos Floriane Del Frate and Samuel Ederle / Home of Floriane

Play with different shades of apricot in your space for your smaller accent furniture.

Art Poster With Apricots

Apricot poster in living room

If painting your walls in apricot is not your thing, then adding a simple print of apricots could be one way of bringing in this style.

What do you think? Will you be adding some apricot color to your living room decor next year?

From our aspect, a more muted apricot is of interest to us, combining this with limestone and terracotta – very much aligned with the Modern Mediterranean interior.

Looking forward to hearing from you, if you will be incorporating apricot into your home. Share your thoughts below!


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