Built-In Bookcase Around Door Ideas

Bookcase wrapped around doorway

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by books and especially to portray them in a built-in bookcase around doors.

There is something so intriguing about composing a library in conjunction with a doorway.

Not only is this approach feeling creative in itself it is also usually a creative way of using space.

Not always in a space you have a free wall to create a whole library, and creating a magical piece around your doorway can then make extra sense.

I have collected 11 ideas on how you can incorporate the built-in bookcase look around your door.

Hope they inspire!

Bookshelf Around Door Connected with a top Shelf

Bookcase wrapped around doorway connected with top shelf
Credit: Bjursfors via Coco Lapine

Create a bookcase on both sides of the doors and connect it with a top shelf as seen in this Scandinavian interior design.

For a more decorative look, you can place some decorative objects or books on the top shelf, or for a more simple look, leave them empty.

Built-in Shelves Around the Doorway to Show Off Your Curated Objects

Bookcase wrapped around doorway with squared boxes
Credit: Studio Esteta

Bookcases are not only for books but instead create a wrapped-around bookcase around your door displaying your favorite objects.

This creates an interesting, yet airy feeling bookcase entrance to the next room, as well frames it nicely.

Bookcase Around Wide Doorway Without Doors

Bookshelves wrapped around wide doorway
Credit: Studio Four Photo by Shannon McGrath.

If you wish to opt for a more minimal look create a bookcase wrapped around your door opening. If the door opening is wider than usual, it will create a beautiful grandeur masterpiece.

Bookshelves Around Doorway without Doors

This is such an easy DIY bookshelf to do, all you need to do is visit your hardware store and purchase some planks and the hardware needed to attach the shelves.

Make sure you remove the door to the next room for a more airy feeling.

Bookcase Around Pocket Door in Same Material

Built in bookcase with a pocket door in same material
Credit: Bach Architecture

Create a bookcase with a built-in pocket door in the same material. Creating a very thoughtful design that feels both practical and minimalistic.

Decorate the Bookcase with Crown Moulding

Built in bookcase with crown moulding
Credit: Kvanum Koekken

Adding crown molding to your bookcase will elevate this bookcase. The look will appear built-in and create an expensive-looking feeling.

A few Shelves On One Side Of The Door

Bookshelves on one side of the doorway

A quick and easy weekend project is to add a few shelves around only one side of your doorway.

Like this, you create an asymmetrical feeling and make sure that one wall is still left empty for some other decoration.

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Bookcase Wrapped Around Glass Doors

Bookcase wrapped around wide glass doors

Nothing creates a majestic entrance more to a dining room than a bookcase wrapped around wide glass doors.

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Bookshelf Wrapped Around Door on One Side

Built-in bookcase next to doorway
Interior Architecture by Emily Farnham 
Interior Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Photography by Tessa Neustadt 
Built by Bronstruction

Create a built-in bookcase only on one side of the doorway. This specific bookcase feels very put together and is not distracting from the actual entrance to the other room.

Tall Open Shelves Almost Hiding Doorway

Tall built-in bookcase hiding doorway

Credit: Kilburn Nightingale Architects

If you have the luxury of having tall walls, then adorning these tall walls with bookcases is a way to go! In this interior the tall bookcases and stunning books are almost hiding the doorway, creating this entrance to a nook feeling.

Built-in bookshelf With Pocket Doors

Bookcase with Pocket doors
Credit: Architecture & Interior Design: De Rosee Sa @deroseesa
Structural Engenier: @formstructuraldesignltd
Photography: @alexanderjamesphoto

Classical and stunning-looking these interiors have built-in bookcases wrapped around pocket doors.

Adding hidden storage in cabinets at the bottom will also create a more functional bookcase, hiding all those bits and nobs that you do not want out for display.

My Top 3 Tips

  • Use a pocket door if budget allows and wrap the whole bookshelf around it
  • Paint the bookshelves the same color as the other walls in the room
  • Plan one of the shelves to be taller to have room for decoration

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