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Squad Ink

It’s no surprise that the most creative offices come from, well, creatives! And the headquarters of creative branding agency Squad Ink is no exception. Created by the talented interior designers at Arent & Pyke, the newly purchased studio in Potts Point, Sydney provides a really inspirational place for the Squad Ink team to let their creative side run wild.

Squad Ink Squad Ink

The whole space has been tailored towards the company’s belief in quirky, colourful and unique design, giving visitors a taste of what Squad Ink strive to achieve before they’ve even taken a look at their portfolio. Just take a look at the orange bookcase and red and yellow stools – they’re the perfect office colours for piquing enthusiasm and encouraging creativity.

This office isn’t just designed with visitors in mind though; it’s also a great source of inspiration for those working inside. Eclectic furniture, walls adorned with eye catching artwork and the refreshing natural light pouring through huge windows all breathe life and freshness into every corner of the workspace.

Squad Ink
Squad Ink

The bright and airy boardroom is a great example. Full of, again, natural light complimented by a combination of bright yet natural looking furniture, even these crisp images convey what a stress- free environment this must be – prefect for meetings that require a really clear head. The clean lines and natural wood of the minimalistic Eames table provide the perfect blank canvas for the more dramatic furnishings around it. ‘Mondrian Blue’ bentwood chairs from Thonet , an impactful black Tolomeo floor lamp and an eye catching piece of artwork add a real atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm to the space, striking the perfect balance between serenity and vibrancy.

The quirky furniture doesn’t stop there either, in the main office area you can find an Eames LCW chair, a Prismatic table by Isamu Noguchi and a potted Strelitzia. It’s a simple statement that draws on the natural vitality of the rest of the space with elements that look as if they’ve been plucked straight from the outdoors, while still making a big impact.

Squad Ink
Squad InkSquadInk | Design Studio 210

Credit: Squad Ink / Design – Arent & Pyke / Photo – Anson Smart

It’s clear to see where creative directors Matthew and Terry Squadrito find their greatest sources of inspiration. Geometric patterns and pops of colour can be seen throughout the office, whether in their choice of furniture or the ‘Laser Eyes’ artwork in the boardroom, an original screen print from FriendsWithYou that was the twins’ very first art purchase for the business. Even the offices pinboard is decorated with not just day to day posters and notices, but graphics that fall in line with the business’s own design ethos. It’s enough to make anyone want to work there! But what do you think? What’s your favourite part of Squad Ink’s office?

– Victoria Crawcour


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