On The Wall: Artist And Designer Julia Heurling Of Studio Rita

Caroline Broman
Studio Rita | Design Studio 210

Studio Rita | Design Studio 210

Julia Heurling is a Stockholm based freelance designer and artist who is part of a design collective called Studio Rita. These pieces here are part of Studio Rita’s new collection called Urban Abstract and is a personal interpretation of the urban landscape.

Studio Rita | Design Studio 210Studio Rita | Design Studio 210

What I fell for with Julia’s art is the colours and that the shapes are an abstract expression as this evokes a curiosity and interest for the viewer.

I aim for my work to have an associative impact on the viewer, in any direction. I prefer abstract imagery. I find that reduced information opens up for association, imagination and mystery. I believe this is the base for my fascination for patterns. I find an innate energy in repeats. Endless, eternal but absolutely present, demanding my attention. Soothing, calming and comforting, intriguing my mind to wander. – Julia Heurling

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Studio Rita | Design Studio 210Studio Rita | Design Studio 210

Credit: Julia Heurling - Studio Rita

I can easily see these pieces hanged or leaned nicely ‘On The Wall‘. Each poster have a simple colour palette and shapes which are repetitive, all which gives them a minimalistic yet ornative feel which is very appealing for on the wall art.


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