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One of my biggest fascinations and curiosity when I worked as an interior consultant was to help customers understand the power a good home space could have on their overall life and goals.

Instead of just focusing on the “how it should look” or “what is functional”, I was guiding them to use their home surrounding as a way to motivate them on their goals and dreams.

While to some this may come more natural to find ways to inspire those life goals you have and find ways to remind you about them, daily through your decor. To others, this can seem more challenging

Whether it may come more natural or not, I believe that everyone, with a little bit of inspiration and the right tool kit, can use their home in ways to get their aspirations come alive.

Since this is something I am very passionate and curious about, it has become the mission of DesignStudio210 to keep on exploring this way of utilizing design.

See below for our articles associated with this topic that I hope you find valuable. You can also get a free handbook and worksheet on how to create a vision board to impact your life through your home decor.

My wish is to encourage more people to think about the great motivational power a good design story can have. By creating a design story that fits your dreams, goals, and life.

— Caroline

With a meaningful interior design we are focusing on what truly is important and has symbolic, functional and aesthetic meaning to you.

In a practising interior designs process this is referred to as interior design psychology. It has been proven that there is a relationship between the environment and how the environment effects the inhabitants.

It is proven that objects and human relationships with these objects in a space has powerful impact on our well being. This was studied by Jean Baudrillard a sociologist  in his thesis, The System of Objects.

In this way, it has been proven that surrounding ourself with objects and visions that has a certain type of impact on us, can become a very powerful tool.

Absolutely! The idea on how to get to this point does not necessary need to cost money. In fact it can even be in your advantage that you only use the space and items you have in your home today, but look at them with total new eyes , to understand “what value they give you” and “how they make you feel” or “what problem they help you to solve”.

Of course…let’s say that my goal is to become financial independant.

Thoughts that comes in my mind is: to decorate “with quality over quantity (quality does not need to mean expensive here), the “less is more approach” and refrain from purchasing trending items. All in all I would opt for a space that encourages a freedom feeling and simple lifestyle. And that would daily remind me “why” and “where” I want to head.

Another example could be, that my goal is to incorporate a more mindful and relaxed way of life. In order to do this, I would look at my layout to see if I could find a space that encourages and reminds daily of a more mindful way. Example – a lounge chair where I can mediate or read. A nook where I am inspired to go and do a daily yoga session. Other ways I would incorporating this, would be through natural colors, textures and objects as well as making sure I have a clean space that puts my mind at ease.


Emotions can trigger associations with certain places, and places can trigger emotions, many times below our level of conscious awareness.

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