Inspiration To A Mindful Interior Design

Mindful interior decor
Mindful interior design dining room

While the concept of striving for a mindful interior design and encouraging a more mindful approach in life, is not a new one. I think we can all agree that the past year, this concept has become even more important to most of us.

Not only are we spending more time in our home, but we are also tying to cramp in a lot of different activities, into one space.

With this whole new use of space and more hours spent inside, many of us are becoming even more eager to find a good balance of having a mindful interior design, that promotes a certain type of awareness.

What is a mindful Interior Design?

Before digging into the inspirational photos and some useful tips, I want to go over the concept of mindfulness and how this relates to interior design. (I am not an expert on mindfulness at all, but it is a topic that I am slowly trying to practice daily.)

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around

With this, we can see that mindfulness as a concept is all about being present in the “now”. The whole state of being in the present and be able to find comfort in this, not being too focused on the future nor the past, can for sure be a challenge to many.

Especially if we take into account our usually hectic life, the feelings of “musts” we have (feel) and the surrounding we are in, which to many might mean small spaces where your laundry is laying out, yet to be folded.

Mindful design can also be part of the holistic interior design mindset – where focus is on the full individual (spirit, mind and body).

How can we use an interior space to encourage this type of mindset and feeling?

I would say let’s start with understanding what you need in order to create this healthy habit of mindfulness.

Do you feel that the interior setting with colors will help you? Do you feel that having a clean and organized everyday home helps you to stay focused? Are you more encouraged to be more present in your daily mediation or your calming relaxation time if you have a designated zone for this?

These are just some of the questions that I would use to ask myself, in order to get the best ideas on how to plan out a mindful home decor.

I would then use this information and think about how these would be reinforced more into the actual space that I have to work with – my home.

See my tips on how to find out what is mindful for you

Mindful interior design living room
Mindful interior design

A mindful Interior Design – Story

This home that is shown here in this post, could have been a mindful interior design project for a homeowner.

The home owner, opted for a natural color palette with natural tactile elements, which helps one to stay close to nature. By also incorporating greens and natural light, one can appreciate the present of the change of these elements, that naturally happens throughout the day.

The space, organization and thoughtful curation helps the mind to stay focused and calm.

On the other hand, the different nooks that were created both for reading and writing, as well as indulging in a nice coffee helps one who has a passion for these hobbies to be reminded to purse them daily. All which are helping to appreciate a more slower and mindful approach to life.

Mindful interior design dining room

You might also be interested in getting some inspiration from some of our curated best interior design books. Some books will not only teach you the foundation of decoration and how to get a home really feeling like a home, but some are focused on how to create that meaningful and power story in your home.

Mindful interior design
Mindful interior design

Credit: Stadhems photo: Janne Olander Interior Greydeco

Benefits of having a mindful interior design that inspires?

There is proven that feeling present and mindful reduces stress and increases both creativity and focus. I believe there is also a nice sensation of feeling calm, at ease, and at peace with things, which helps to produce a happy home feeling environment.

While this might be a thing for you or not, I hope this piece is inspiring you that there are ways we can use our interior design to promote more a living of the present. I know for a fact, this is something I will strive to incorporate more and more as I go.

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