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10 Simple Things to Make You Happier At Home

To me having a happy home is of course mostly based on the people that I share it with. But I have also come to realise a few tricks that always gets us in a good mood and helps us to be much happier at home, not just for a day but for a longer time. Some of the tasks I know are not always super fun to stick to but I reassure you it is so worth it in the end.

Here is my take on the Happier Home list…please share your ideas as I am constantly looking to change things up.

Nicely styled home

The Happier Home List

Make your bed

No matter how tired I am I try to make sure to make the bed in the morning. There is a magical feeling leaving your bedroom in the morning in an organised manner and also going to bed in a bed that has been organised. Peacefulness and thank you to my parents for almost forcing me to do this as a teen, your hard work paid off.

Decorated bedroom

Fresh flowers in the kitchen

A bouquet of fresh flowers is the thing that motivates me to keep my kitchen clean during a busy week. I always place it in a vase on the kitchen table and I am still amazed how inspiring fresh flowers are to me.

A tip here is: Source your local cheapest place for flowers as some fresh flowers can really become a budget burden. After this, make sure you change the water plenty during the week for it to stay fresh longer.

Fresh flowers in kitchen

Plants and more Plants

Green plants around the house helps me to de-stress and also breaks up a very stark modern interior setting. I am crazy about easy to care for plants that can handle all sorts of light situation.

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I especially love the cactus and the mother in law tongue as they are easy to maintain and also deals with the humidity well where I live. 

Plants in the interior

Organised home

An organised home means a clean and clear mind they say and I must agree on this. Coming home after a busy day to a mess is no fun at all and not really motivating one to cook or to do any upkeep.

Latest update: I am thinking of trying the Marie Kondo method here. So far, I have listened to her book but haven’t got to clean and sort by category yet.

Any one tried it yet?

Organized interior

Photo of family and friends on the wall

Hanging lovely memories on the wall of family and friends always brings a smile to my face and makes me understand how lucky we are to have all these amazing people around us.

Hang art on the wall

Framed art on the wall

Decorating the walls with beautiful graphical prints, paintings and photography is what completes a space and paints that unique story. We are into photography and having our own abstract and artistic photos around the house brings in an extra sentimental factor and makes me happy to look at.

Nice soap dispensers

Having nice soap dispensers is everyday luxury or vardagslyx like the Swedes say. Why not splurging a little bit extra on something that you use and see on a daily basis like the soap dispensers for your kitchen sink.

Tips: Check out your local budget friendly container store. Or go for a more luxury brand for you and then top it up. 

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nice soap dispensers

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Comfortable pillows

Investing in a set of comfortable pillows for your bed makes the whole difference. I just realised how important this was for my sleep last year and I am from now on making sure that I am prioritising my sleep happiness with investing in a set of comfortable pillows.

Made bed

Linen bed sheets

So great on the skin and so cool during hot months – linen bed sheets really makes me happy. The organic look combined with the functionality of it makes at least one set of linen bed sheets a must for any one.

Linen duvet


Ample of storage makes an organized and happy home much easier to maintain. A tips here is to have hidden storage in furniture for easy hiding of things that is not needed for display. This together with units or baskets can easily help a messy home to stay more organized. An organized home is a happy home.

Tips: Know what you have stored away, and before storing know that the items you actually need. Or they will just become clutter even though they are stored away.


Interior storage
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Inside the home of an Interior Architect
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