What is Holistic Interior Design

Holistic interior design, also known as the wellbeing design, is an approach to interior design that focuses on promoting the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of those who use the space in their house.

Rather than treating only the symptoms, holistic medicine evaluates and treats the complete person. Rather than focusing on the space’s form and function alone, holistic design examines and produces for the full individual (mind, body, and spirit). A classical approach to interior design addresses the room’s aesthetic attractiveness as well as its use. A designer will also examine how a room “feels” to the people who will be using it.

It goes even further with holistic interior design. This form of design guarantees that the space or area fosters the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those who live and work there.

Before going into more details, this type of mindset around design can also be balanced with the Feng Shui rules and tips, as this is another aspect of focusing more on wellness design.

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What more is there to know about what holistic design is…

Color psychology, Biophilia, environmental psychology, human biology, and ergonomics, among other fields of study, will be used by holistic designers to create surroundings that are pleasing to the eye, functional, and truly beneficial to your health. Talking about spiritual health or taking time to care for our brains and bodies is no longer strange or forbidden.

Consider the popularity of yoga or the numerous studies that emphasize the value of relaxation and meditation. Essential oils and aromatherapy are even being used in hospitals around the world to treat a variety of ailments. This isn’t to argue that your interior designer can heal a fatal illness or that you don’t need a doctor; rather, you do.

This is just realizing that our settings have an impact much beyond what we can see or even feel and that we can use this information holistically to improve our health. You may live in a house that promotes your well-being. You may run a business where the climate encourages employees to succeed. You may create a business that attracts customers by making them feel excited and invigorated.

——- You might realize how excited I am about this topic. This is something that I strongly believe in: that the environment we surround ourself can have such an impact on how we feel, act and overall behave. I recently took the Skillshare course of “Holistic Interior Design: Tranform your personal space for well-being” by Clear Studios – highly recommended if you wish to get some more information outside of my summary here (and yes, I am obsessed over Skillshare and no this is not an affiliate or sponsor :))

Why you should get Holistic Interior Design

A wellbeing-design ensures we can relax and create a nurturing environment for ourselves first. It boosts our comfort and productivity. We are driven to live a more balanced, meaningful, and gratified life through a holistic design process. Here are some benefits of having holistic interior design:

Tailor-Made Spaces

Your most valued memories, interests, and wishes are imbued into a room via holistic interior design. A home designed just for you, taking into account your past, present, and future.

It creates environments that speak to you and give you a strong sense of belonging and joy.

Life-Enriching Function

Holistic interiors are functional places that properly support our bodies and everyday activities. It increases your living comfort and how you use space, so you don’t spend time and energy on little annoyances.

A home office workstation next to a loud television will never offer the best results. Such difficulties are taken into account in a holistic design.

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Fulfilled Life

Our thoughts and vision are nurtured in holistic houses, which create an environment where you feel encouraged to be the greatest version of yourself. A version that reflects your spirit and thoughts to the fullest extent possible.

The holistic interior design creates a space where you may explore your emotions and ambitions while feeling encouraged and at ease.

Mental Wellbeing

It’s been proved that in a holistic setting, your day unfolds more favorably by assisting you in overcoming problems. To untangle the sources of anxiety, sadness, and stress by balancing and disciplining the mind, body, and spirit.

A holistic approach centered on self-care can help people recover from and flourish in the face of illness, adversity, loss, and sorrow. It’s a path to mental and physical recovery and transformation.

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Sustainable Materials

For optimal health, a holistic design practice necessitates organic and ecological living. This ensures that hazardous compounds such as VOCs, lead, and plastic are not present.

You can now watch your children and pets play and grow in a secure environment in your house.

Slow Living

We are all part of reckless into rat races, making lives chaotic. This is our last chance to step back, reevaluate and cultivate communities.

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How to get Holistic Interior Design In Your Home


Take a few design advice and give your home a thorough cleaning. Sweep away any unneeded debris along with the cobwebs. Recycle as much as possible and give the remainder.

Adding intelligent storage systems allows you to enjoy your space more while also ensuring a free flow of energy throughout your house.

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Pots and Plants

Nature has been shown to be good to mental health. Looking at indoor plants strewn throughout the house might provide a welcome respite from the turmoil outside. Green plants and colors soothe us and give the place a peaceful atmosphere.

Allow a few snake plants and spider plants to take up residence in your home in return for lots of oxygen and the removal of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and other pollutants.

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Embrace the jungle feel and mix it up to create the healthiest environment possible.

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Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is inherently holistic and represents the vibrancy and energy of life. However, adding indoor plants isn’t the only option. The goal is to have direct touch with nature through interactions in the home.

Large windows overlooking softly swaying palm palms, for example, may provide a stimulating sense of intimacy to nature. Large windows provide a pleasant breeze, plenty of natural light, and the joyous sounds of birds singing. A water element, such as a tiny lotus pond, can also be used to provide a similar sensory experience.

The holistic interior design creates such direct or reflected interaction through organic designs, geometries, materials, and lighting.

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Natural Materials

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Textures have a unique role in holistic home design since they may be used practically anywhere.

Natural wood grains, rough jute and grass weaving, the softness of wool and linen threads, and the roughness of natural stones like marble may all be found in everyday items like curtains, worktops, tabletops, and blankets.

In a healthy ecology, this natural simplicity generates a sense of belonging. It cultivates a sense of oneness with nature.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, or ancient Chinese spatial regulations, investigates our relationship with our dwellings and, as a result, offers solutions to improve our well-being.

In Feng Shui, the commanding locations of a property are extremely important. This entails determining the best energy hotspots for each activity or object around the house. It’s critical to strike a balance between nature’s five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal.

I hope you have enjoyed this round up of what is holistic design. We are constantly diving into the topic of how to create meaningful designs in order for us and hopefully you as well to reach your dreams with help of creating meaningful spaces, meant for you and your life.


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