7 Spring Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Spring minimal bedroom idea wall color

As the spring vibes are here, it is time to get some spring ideas for your minimalist bedroom.

Whether you are into the luxury minimal design or the Scandinavian Minimalist Interior design style, it doesn’t matter.

The idea of infusing some freshness into our bedrooms that gives a feeling of ‘new start’ is overall an exciting thought.

All which in turn can have a great positive impact on how you start and end your days – being that your bedroom is the one room you spend the majority of time in.

It will become even easier to romanticise both bedroom night routines and morning routines with the fresh feeling of spring.

Something I am pretty much in for in order to keep my habits and goals in place this year.

Here are the top 7 spring minimalist bedroom ideas that I use and will keep on using as we move into our new built house in the coming months.

All ideas can be done on a low budget.

1. Change Your Bedsheets to Linen

Change your cotton or flannel bedsheets to a lighter material like linen. Linen as a material does not only appear ‘light and fresh’ but also is good to regulate heat as the warmer months are gearing up.

Colors I would opt for here are whites and beiges as I like to keep the colors subtle as the linen texture itself is appealing.

Spring minimalist bedroom ideas linen bedsheets
Change of your sheets to a base of whites & ideally use linen as a material for a lighter feeling. Credit: Alvhem

2. Gypsophila Flowers In Vase

Adding Gypsophila flowers into a desired vase with some water is one of my favorite – must go to things for spring.

I like placing this either in a smaller vase on my nightstand table or in a larger vase to make a statement on a dresser. Either way, you cannot go wrong with incorporating this into your minimalist bedroom.

The simplicity of the white small flower buds together with the stunning vibrant green stem, gives that freshness feeling.

Spring flowers
Pick some flowers that gives you the spring vibes, for a minimal look I like to pick the once that have white small flowers and a vibrant green stem. Credit: Alvhem

3. Lighter Textures

Now it is the season to switch out those heavier textures and materials that give a feeling of a warm hug and instead taking out materials that gives a lighter – fresher feeling.

This does not mean it is time to get rid of all throw blankets but instead of the fluffy once, opt for a few thinner once.

Spring minimalist bedroom ideas light fabrics
Layering lighter fabrics on the bed can still create a cozy yet spring feeling. In this space I would opt for picking lighter accent colors than focusing on rust as seen in this photo, for some added freshness feeling. Credit: Alvhem
Spring bedroom ideas with lighter fabrics
Let your beautiful lighter fabric clothing hang out as visual appealing objects. Credit: Alvhem

4. Spring Inspired Walls Changed Up

Changing up your walls whether through painting the walls or adding prints that makes you think of spring feelings.

You can find some great prints over at Desenio or look through your thrift market for some specifically good pieces that in a minimal way gives a bit of spring, perhaps flowery vibe.

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Spring minimal bedroom idea wall color
Mint green walls with a muted simple frame (that ideally would be a print of a landscape or a flower to stick to the theme) gives a fresh feeling yet feeling neutral in this space. Credit: Alvhem
Spring bedroom wall ideas
Green blue walls together with a flower print. Credit: Alvhem

5. Bring In Some Pastels

Bring in some small dozes of pastel into your interior space, this can be done in a sophisticated and classy way to still suit your more simplistic style.

A color like blush and pastel pink can in small dozes give a warm yet bright feeling into your bedroom. I would add this in minimal dozes through some throw pillows, bedsheets or the flowers and artwork I chose to decorate with.

Spring minimalist bedroom ideas

6. Let In The Light

Pick light and sheer curtains to your space to make sure to allow plenty of spring light seeping in.

If you need more coverage during the night layer your curtains and use a blind to avoid the morning sun hitting too harsh inside your room.

Spring minimalist bedroom ideas
Whites and neutral layered curtains gives a warm yet fresh feeling. Credit: Alvhem

7. Add Branches In A Glass Vase

A simple tall vase with water and a bunch of stunning branches can go a long way to add some spring feeling.

Spring minimalist bedroom ideas
Decorate branches in a clear vase with water on your night stand for a nice spring feeling. Credit: Alvhem

Outside of this I would recommend the Swedish death cleaning method every spring time and do this room by room. Which is very much at core for keeping a minimalist Scandinavian interior design intact.

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