Pastel Interior Design with Scandinavian Inspiration

Scandinavian pastel interior design

I feel that there is something so refreshing with looking at Scandinavian pastel interior design spaces.

To me usually this means, simple design with “less is more” elements. Combine this with sparingly pops of pastel colours throughout the space – and you have my dream Scandinavian pastel interior design look.

The key here is to add pastel colours throughout a space while keeping it sophisticated and fresh.

To accomplish this it is easier to pick a whitish (neutral) wall base. Also flooring should be the same throughout the whole space.

It is also important to keep furniture and decoration within the same lines. Advice is also to avoid too much of a pattern. The result you are aiming for is, a simple yet “minimalist soft color feel”.

In fact imagine some touch of pastel throughout a more Scandinavian minimalist interior designed space.

The key is to give the space a calming yet fresh look while playing around with matching pastel colours

Below you can see an apartment that I truly love. This space sums up the dreamy Scandinavian Pastel interior design look that I would easily go for in a space.

Scandinavian pastel interior design livingroom
Pastel blue cabinet combined with the rusted looking browns gives the space a soothing yet fresh look. This is a colour combination that also fits small spaces especially when the walls are painted in white.

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Why are Pastel Interior Design so nice?

  • Less saturated colours: Pastel interior design colours gives a more calming and soothing feeling.
  • A sense of sophistication: Using these colour due to their calming nature gives a space an opportunity to still be colourful yet have a sophisticated feel.
  • A feeling of “spring” and rebirth: This spring feel reminds us of a “new start” and with that usually boosts the energy level.
Scandinavian Pastel interior design living room
Pops of pastels can be found throughout the living room. The Scandinavian “less is more” approach combined with the injection of small dozes of colours gives the space a warm yet fresh feel.
Swedish pastel interior design apartment
Each room in this apartment has a unique pastel colour which keeps the rooms divided yet brings them together.

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Pastel interior design Scandinavian
The blue pastel cabinet gives the wall a pop of colour.
Swedish pastel interior design apartment
Keeping the walls white throughout the flat while having small dozes of pastel colours splashed throughout gives the whole apartment a fresh Scandinavian feel to it.

What do you think, is Pastel colours in an interior design something that you would like to go for? Let us know in the comments below.

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Credit: Fantastic Frank

  • Hi! Curious to know where the rug in the living room is from and perhaps how it’s called. Hope you can help me with that. Thanks and cheers, Fem

  • Hi! I would also love to know the designer if the leather chair in the living room, or where I could go to buy the chair! Please please please let me know! My company would love to purchase one for a project we are working on in Los Angeles!

    • Hi Bri! I am so sorry I don´t have an updated name of this chair. I hope you found something cool and similar for your project. If you are still keen to find out what this one is then I will do my best to ask around.

      PS. You guys made me aware that I will start to add on some posts – where to buy the products. Maybe that would be useful 🙂

  • Hello Anna-Caroline! I have been looking for those table dining chairs everywhere since I’ve seen this post. I LOVE them so much! Can you tell me where they’re from or where to look for them? I would be over the moon so happy 🙂

    Thanks! XO

    • Hi 🙂 I haven’t managed to figure out the name of this chair yet or where to find it. If you still are looking for it, please let me know and I will do my best. 🙂

  • Do you know where you can buy the brown chair in the living room? Or maybe the name of the designer? 🙂

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