9 Welcoming Tiled Entryway Statement Floor Ideas

Statement tiled entryway flooring

There is nothing that sets the tone more of a house than a welcoming tiled entryway statement floor.

The entryway floor is the first thing your guests and yourself will see as you enter your home. It is important to create a welcoming vibe with your personality that draws your guests and yourself into your sanctuary.

The magic of the entryway is that the flooring acts as a connector between the outdoor and inside of the house and sets the personality and overall tone of your home.

Now this is the one place where I suggest adding some fun more vibrant tiles, that summarize the feeling of the rest of your home (we will be seeing more of these with the Maximalism Scandinavian interior design that is trending in 2024.)

You can opt for different colors and patterns, and create a different flooring in the entryway than the rest of the house, acting like a transition into your home.

See all my ideas around statement floors in an entryway below!

1 Ochre Checkered Tiled Floors

Statement tiled entryway flooring
Credit: Anthology Creatives

Adding a checkered flooring with a contrast border in ochre and lighter inside creates a warm yet, yaw-dropping statement entryway feeling.

2 Monochrome Checkered Tiled Entryway Flooring

Credit: Design by @blancmarineliving ⁠& @stephanymartel⁠ Photo @photographieinterieure.co

What says more of a statement than contrasting black and white into a flooring. This speaks of dramatic yet timeless sophistication.

3 Subtle Stone Flooring in Beige and Blush

Subtle statement entryway tiled flooring in beige
Credit: The Modern Mallorca House from Three Birds Renovations

For a more subtle and muted look going for a blush and beige-toned entryway can be as statement-feeling anyhow.

While this might not scream as loud as the black and white tiles above – this still has a place to be talked about.

4 Small Checkered Flooring in White and Black

Statement tiled entryway flooring
Credit: Design by us @blancmarineliving ⁠ Photo @anniefafardphotographe

These smaller black and white scaled tiles act as a conversation piece with its timeless appeal.

5 Patterned Tiled Entryway

Statement tiled entryway flooring connecting outside and inside
Credit: Three Birds Renovation
Statement tiled entryway flooring connecting outdoor and indoor
Credit: Three Birds Renovation

These patterned tiles create an inviting and fresh feeling in the house.

6 Smaller Black and White Checkered Flooring

Statement tiled entryway flooring
Credit: Blanc Marine Living

The classic checkered flooring in black and white creates interest and variety in a narrow entryway.

7 Pink and White Checkered Flooring Creates

Statement entryway tiled flooring pink
Credit: Three Birds Renovation

Larger scaled checkered flooring, in other colors than black and white which is the more traditional take – feels so refreshing.

Here is an entryway with a pink and white tile that adds such a soft and welcoming feeling to the interior.

8 A Welcoming Transition Between Entryway Tiles and Laminate Flooring in Living Room

Statement tiled flooring entryway transition
Credit: Three Birds Renovation

When adding an entryway in a pattern as a statement and where you wish to continue the rest of the house with another flooring choice. Plan out how to best transition the tiles from one to the other without it looking incomplete.

In this interior, the designers have opted for a white border around the entryway tiles – creating a boxed-in feeling, which then touches the living room laminate flooring.

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9 Another Take on Square Entryway Flooring

Statement tiled entryway small landing strip
Credit: Anthology Creatives

Here is another way of creating a smaller entryway selecting a statement flooring with pattern, scale, and color in mind.

Hope you have enjoyed these ideas to create a welcoming statement entryway. Combining these beautiful statement flooring ideas with some stunning decorative wall round light ideas for your hallway will make your hallway stand out to your guests.

Let me know in the comments below if you will be incorporating some bolder entryway ideas 🙂

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