Hotel Interior Design Tips

We have been fascinated by hotel designs and what process goes into creating a hotel design – especially now since we are building our short term rental home.

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With that, I wanted to take a deep dive into what hotel interior design tips there are out there that can help us in this process. We are for sure not building a hotel, but some of these tips might apply to a short term rental dream as well as to your next home design.

But before this….I would like to ask you: What was your experience at the hotel you last visited? How was the interior design? You hopefully had an inspiring experience and maybe thought to yourself: “This is quite a good design. And I should steal some of these tips back home with me”. – If you are similar to me, this is what I would think 😉

But we all know…making a good hotel design, doesn’t just magically happen. They involve thorough and meticulous planning and designing of the interior spaces of the hotels, as can be seen in this hotel that we highlighted a while back. – All those details…

What Steps Are to be done?

Before jumping into the steps, what is most important to remember is to understand the experience one wants to create for the guests – it should be a positive experience that makes them “feel” in a certain way.

The feel you will go for, will determine what type of audience you will get (or to be smart, first determine which focus audience you would like and then create the “feel”). Without getting too much into detail here, lets jump into the steps…

——— All these tips I am currently taking into account as I am building out our vision for our “little vacation home”.

Identify Your User and Your Focus

You first need to decide who your audience is (as mentioned briefly above). Then, figure out what they would want from your property and brand. Also, find out how you can best deliver your brand promise in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Identify the basis of your design and focus on it.

—– It might sound complicated but it is actually a really fun and simple process, that requires some thinking. Just like if you are were starting an interior design blog or a new home decor business. Grab your favorite inspiring note book, go somewhere that inspires you, and start jotting down ideas…

Remember, a great design doesn’t have to be for everyone. Be specific with design elements when deciding on the theme, colors, furnishings, fixtures. Read the full post here to learn more about the design elements.

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Apply Psychology When Choosing Hotel Colors

When choosing the right colors for a hotel interior design, refer back to color psychology. For example, light colors such as gold and cream make the room feel bright, spacious, and airy. On the other hand, dark colors like purple and burgundy are perceived to create a sense of sophistication and intimacy. 

Therefore, we can choose light colors for the open and welcoming entrance area and a dark colors for lounge areas or relaxing nooks. However, it is also essential to take note of aspects like saturation and shade of colors when choosing some of the designs.

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Draw Inspiration from Your Surrounding or Your Location

We should make our guests feel like a part of the local community by adding local touches to the interiors. Use elements of design, building materials, color schemes, or even décor pieces directly linked to the locality. 

—— This is such a strong way of story telling an authentic and unique view. And is the one thing that we almost have an idea on what we will actually do.

Additionally, find areas within the design where you can put local art. This way, your guests will feel a sense of appreciation for their culture. Ultimately, doing this will boost the hotel interior design. 

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—– Bonus thought: Adding the local touch into your guest room, example stunning photos on your wall, if you have guests from oversees or from another area of the country, is another way you can steal a hotel design idea into your own little guest retreat space.

Provide Proper Lighting

Do not overlook proper lighting in the hotel interior design. These can be both practical and aesthetic. The guests will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed when the hotel interiors are well lit. Poor lighting adds stress to your guests. Your hotel lighting is just as important as the color psychology discussed above.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Design Your Circulation Spaces

The hotel transition spaces should be well designed and make sense for the guests. Providing clear signages in all the transitional areas should be a priority. Additionally, ensure that the circulation spaces are well lit to encourage guests to move in the right direction.


Hotel interior design is just as important as building and construction. As a person looking to build a hotel (or a smaller short term rental), hiring a great interior designer for the space will take your far – especially where a lot of building codes etc have to be met.

If you are like us wanting to dive into the world of short term rentals than looking out for hotel interior design inspiration and tips might help in keeping the focus and treating this space as you business.

Stay tuned for some more articles and to follow our own “hotel-ish” inspired journey…


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