11 Feng Shui Decor Tips And Rules

feng shui decor tips

Seeking more positivity and happiness while incorporating wellness into your lifestyle and enhancing the ambiance of your interior? Look no further than the ancient system of practices, feng shui and our feng shui decor tips!

Feng shui rules and techniques promote the mindfulness of your living space. They help you form a connection between who you truly are and the interior of your home. The end result is creating a peaceful, fulfilling life, with reflections of your inner self in your indoor spaces. 

Moreover, feng shui promotes a good flow of energy and enhances your wellbeing. It comprises five main elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. 

To learn all about decorating with feng shui, here are 11 feng shui decor tips and rules to make the process easy and fun for you!

——— Before jumping into this…I am by far no Feng Shui expert but have the past month or so been more eager to learn more about it, since it goes into my quest of only creating meaningful spaces. I am currently exploring Skillshare courses on the topic as well as getting lost on all the tips on Instagram. Here below are the 11 tips I have picked up so far and that I will think about incorporating for our new house that we are building.

feng shui decor tips

Feng Shui Decor Tips

1. Incorporate The Right Elements

Feng shui promotes balance by using its five elements. Here’s how you can incorporate each element into your indoor space:

  • Wood: plants, mini trees, and wood furniture
  • Water: fountains and aquariums
  • Fire: candles and a well-built fireplace
  • Earth: earthy tones (orange, yellow, brown) in decor
  • Metal: metal furniture and mirrors
5 elements of feng shui

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2. Declutter and Introduce Efficient Storage

Clutter obstructs the flow of chi, or life flow energy. It doesn’t allow good energy to naturally flow through the home, impacting the well-being of the people living there.

So, declutter your home and introduce efficient storage to neatly put away the things you need. Keeping the dining table clear warmly invites the people you love, and decluttering the hallway removes obstacles from your life.

Also, do not place anything under your bed as this can impact your energy while you sleep. (Note to myself here as I am a fan of storage beds…but will rethink this for future purchases).

3. Focus On Your Front Door

The main entry door is where the energy of chi enters your home, so it deserves special attention.

Clean the light fixtures, install high wattage bulbs, and paint the ceiling a bright white color. Also, work on the hardware. Make sure the hinges don’t squeak and give the handles a nice polish. 

Everything, including the doorbell, should be in working order. Wipe the front door to remove debris and dust — you don’t want anything to block the flow of chi!

4. Hunt The Command Position

Looking for the command position helps you position your furniture according to feng shui. In the long run, it helps you take charge of your space.

The command position is the point that is farthest from the entrance door but not in direct line with it. This is usually in a diagonal position. While finding that position for your room, ensure that you can view the door while seated.

5. Decorate with Living Houseplants

Decorating with houseplants strengthens the wood element of feng shui. 

The color green brings in feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, plants encourage growth and bring the energy of action into your space. 

In particular, there aren’t good and bad feng shui plants. Every houseplant deserves a place in a loving home, but some plants indeed play greater roles in feng shui (including bamboo and Jade plant).

Feng shui decor tips

6. Accessorize Your Rooms Using Feng Shui Rules

Feng shui rules about decorative objects provide guidelines on objects to pick and their placements. 

Pick out rugs of earthy tones and select appropriate pieces of art. Two fantastic art pieces for feng shui include paintings of the lotus flower and unique landscapes.

Additionally, select mirrors and metal sculptures to balance out the elements. You may also want to use a windowsill pot of herbs!

7. Look for Balance and Harmony

Seek balance and harmony in your indoor space by adopting yin and yang

Yin represents elements of feminism, such as calm colors, decor pieces with curving, fluid lines, and soothing sounds.

On the other hand, yang relates to masculine touches. For example, a vase with sharp edges, tall plants, and bright colors all evoke yang. Balance these out for an inspiring space.

8. Be Mindful With The Ceiling Height

Low ceilings create negative energy and cause discomfort. They also limit the space you have to collect good energy

Similarly, slanted ceilings give a feeling of compression. They also make the interior feel uneven and cluttered.

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Therefore, high ceilings (even up to two stories) are preferred in feng shui bedroom and living space design. They allow in plenty of light contributing to a well-lit space. Additionally, they provide more room to grow and gather good energies.

9. Windows, windows, windows

Windows form an essential feng shui decor rule. 

They ensure a smooth, unobstructed flow of Chi energy. Additionally, they support your social interactions and boost your relationships with others.

It is believed that windowless interiors often add an element of loneliness to the members residing in the home.

10. Feng Shui Lighting

Lighting levels have a great say in your mood and the energy you have to work.

Be sure to keep your living space brighter than your bedroom. This will keep you motivated to work during the day and avoid unnecessary conflicts between family members due to affected moods. 

The best-case scenario would be filling it with natural sunlight, but if that’s not possible, use plenty of artificial sources of light.

11. Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors are a complex aspect of feng shui home decor tips. 

According to feng shui, they hold wealth, so they’re best placed in the dining room. You should avoid placing them in the kitchen as this can amplify negative energy. This is especially true if they create a reflection of the stove, as this can cause a yin-yang imbalance. 

Also, do not hang them behind sofas to preserve your sense of security. Placing mirrors across windows can also attract unwanted energies from outdoors.

Decorating with Feng Shui

Decorating with feng shui is a fun and rewarding activity. I hope you have enjoyed and got some tips out of these 11 feng shui decor tips. I for sure will work on a few of them in my current home as well as in our future home.

Do you have more ideas you would like to add to your list? Share them in the comment section below!


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