How To Feng Shui Your Office — Ideas & Impacts

Feeling like you aren’t able to make the most of your time while working? Perhaps the environment and flow of energies are to blame and can be improved – by using these Feng Shui office tips.

You might be thinking, how am I suddenly diving into the world of Feng Shui rules….but as I explore the topic more and more on what is a meaningful design, I got more and more curious about Feng Shui.

I am currently listening to this Skillshare class on Feng Shui for decor by Gunn Lukari. Of course this does not make me into any sort of an expert but more of a curious fan and starting to deeply think about how some improvements can level up my decor even more in 2022.

Before diving into the world of Feng Shui for our home offices, lets look briefly what Feng Shui actually is…

How to feng shui your office

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What is Feng Shui?

According to Wikipedia: Feng shui is an age-old Chinese concept about the art of placement. It emphasizes positioning objects so that they align with the flow of natural energy. 

This natural energy and flow will give you an incredibly positive work environment that inspires productivity, high spirits, and success. And whether your workstation is a massive office, confined cubicle, small home office, or a mere corner of your room, Feng Shui will do its wonders nevertheless.

Ready to learn more about the impact it can have as well as tips and ideas on how to feng shui your office to create a workspace that is harmonious with the environment? Let’s get started!

feng shui home office

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feng shui home decor

How to feng shui your office?

Pick the right colors

Color massively affects feng shui, so choosing the right one makes all the difference. You can incorporate colors based on the five elements of feng shui, as follows:

  1. Earth element (for stability): Browns, neutrals, and earthy tones
  2. Water element (for flow): Black
  3. Metal element (for efficiency): Gray, white, and metallic tones
  4. Fire element (for inspiration): Red
  5. Wood element (for growth): Blue and green

Let’s now move towards effective ideas for a feng shui office!

Focus on the desk

According to feng shui, your desk impacts and influences your career. Interconnected to this is your path in life. This makes it essential to pay specific attention to your desk.

A solid and sturdy desk made of brown wood is the ideal option. Don’t use a glass desk; it is believed your ideas and motivation can fall through it!

Regarding shapes, rectangular and L-shaped take the prize. But the factor to prioritize is choosing a shape that fits your space best. Your desk should not be too big for the environment, but also not too small to not fit your needs.

Finally, position your desk in a power position. This is the furthest spot from the entry door of the room, usually diagonal to it (and facing it). Be sure to place it in a way so you can see the door when seated. If you can’t, use a convex mirror so you can see the door’s reflection in the mirror.

feng shui home office

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Thoroughly Declutter

Limiting visual clutter will give a huge boost to your productivity and allow the good vibes to pour in. 

You can do this by grabbing a wastebasket in one hand and going through your workspace, picking out items that you no longer need. The same goes for things that don’t work or give you negative vibes.

Give your office three rounds, looking for unneeded items and unnecessary clutter. This is especially important for the floor, so the energy of Chi (life force energy) can flow without obstruction through the room. Also, keep the top of your desk and windows free of clutter!

Add Water Elements and Healthy Plants 

Adding elements of water and living plants help incorporate positivity and creativity into your office. 

Real plants breathe life into your workspace. They clean the air and reduce stress levels, all while enhancing the visual aesthetics. Place a living plant on your desk to invite growth, or flank your entrance with two leafy greens. 

Three fantastic feng shui plants to choose for your office are the Lucky Bamboo plant for luck, Money Plant to draw in wealth, and palm trees to invoke the flow of chi.

To add water elements, add a compact water fountain to your office. Placing it in the northern end of the room invites abundance and success in your career and path of life.

Incorporate Diffuse Oils For Pleasant Scents

Making your workspace smell good helps uplift the overall energy. One feng shui way to do so is by diffusing essential oils.

Use lemon essential oil for a calming effect and clarity of mind. Other options include rosemary for enhanced memory, peppermint for prosperity, and bergamot to attract heaps of wealth.

Infusing pleasant scents will serve the purpose considering feng shui, boost your mood, and add attractive charm to your office. If you have coworkers around, be sure to ask them if they’re fine with the scent beforehand. 

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If you made it this far into the article, then let us look at…

Benefits & Impacts Of A Feng Shui Office

The reason why I am curios about feng shui at all, the the said benefits and impact they can have on a space.

One of the major benefits is by employing the principles of feng shui this can result in high levels of productivity and success. If you’re working for 10 hours a day in your current office, you can see the same amount of work done in fewer hours. This will free up time and keep you motivated for the next day’s work! Gotta love a productivity hack…! 

Hence, an organized, clutter-free office keeps you clear-headed, allowing you to focus only on your work. What’s more, a visually aesthetic workspace makes work enjoyable. You will no longer consider it a chore and will make the most out of the hours you spend working.

This is of course one of many benefits, and I am sure as I dig into this more I will have more to update this article and topic on.

Summarizing – How to feng shui your home office?

With this guide on how to feng shui your office coming to an end, I hope you have like me, got some ideas on the benefits of thinking Feng Shui for your home office and where to start.

For my own journey on this, I know that there are some pointers that I will not be able to address in my current home, for example the desk and power position – this is not possible in my current set up.

But what I will focus on, is reminding myself the importance of letting the chi flow on the floor, avoiding clutter there as well as around my desk area, as well as incorporating better scents that can inspire.

I am also taking up a trick from my previous article on Feng Shui Home decor tips which highlighted the importance of playing with proper lighting and letting natural light coming in through passing linen curtains.

Let me know, in the comments below, if you have any other tips that you have read about or know in regards of Feng Shui, I am eager to learn more…

Let’s bring this new year in with calming productivity hacks…“Let’s do this creative journey together calmly and productively”


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