10 Ideas on How to Decor A Home with Plants

Looking for amazing ideas on how to decorate a home with plants?

Being a plant enthusiast and a wanna-be good “plant momma”, you might be wondering how to decorate the living room with plants or how to decorate with plants in the bedroom? Or how to decorate with plants in general in your home. You might also be asking yourself, are there any decor rules specifically for decorating with plants?

Before I start I would say, there aren’t really any decorating rules with plants but instead focus on bringing in plants and creating areas that actually create meaning to you in your interior. And now if you still want some specific rules, then best I would say is to follow the general decoration rules; that involve clustering some plants – to give a more collected impression, use sets of 3 and go for large-scaled plants instead of smaller plants for a less cluttered look.

Plants are great to be used to evoke certain types of feelings. Maybe adding plants will inspire you to go that extra mile to have an uncluttered home? Maybe decorating with plants will give you that extra energy every day to live a healthier and happy life? Whichever plant or plants you end up decorating with, think about how do you want them to make you feel, and what is the purpose of having them in the first place.

Without getting too much off track here, let’s see my 10 ideas on how to decor a home with plants.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Add a Simple and Stylish Wreath

Wreaths add an alluring touch to the décor of a home – is such a nice way of decorating a wall, a door or even a window.

I am particularly in favor of the more minimalistic once, for example, done out of rosemary – what a nice way of adding some decor and smell to your home before that cozy get-together evening with your family or friends around the dining table.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Add a Green Hint to the Bathroom

You can alter the look of your bathroom by simply including one lush green plant with extra green leaves. You may place a small planter pot over the cabinet or rack or simply hang it to the wall and be amazed at the extent of luxury it would add to your bathroom.

I am also a big fan of simply adding some plant stems in water and leaving them in the bathroom. Makes the bathroom looks simple yet fresh and elegant.

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

Add a Bunch of Fresh Flowers

This is one of my favorites – adding a bunch of fresh flowers to your home gives off such a nice welcoming and homey feeling. I like to add them to the coffee table, or at times even in my hallway or as I most often do, add a bunch in a vase on my basket tray on the kitchen table.

I in fact often buy a bouquet of flowers, since where I live I do not often find wild once and split it up in 2 vases (one larger and one tiny). One for the kitchen table, and one for the hallway or sometimes for our bedroom.

While I do not want to spend too much money on fresh flowers I have found a great place that sells cheaper once, and therefore allow myself to splurge once or twice a month since I know this gives me all that extra motivation and joyfulness being greeted by them every morning as I head for my morning cup of coffee.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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Large Scaled Tree Plant in Basket Pot

Photo by alleksana from Pexels

This is one of those trendy ways of adding a nice warm yet fresh feel to your decor using a large-scaled tree plant in a stunning organic-looking basket pot. I am sure, you have not missed this on other blogs and on Pinterest – but I simply had to add this.

I love this! And even though I am no pro at taking care of plants, especially larger ones – I still wish I have the guts to attempt this. Instead, I am one of those who use this idea, but with the fake plant instead, and still get “a similar feel” with this – or at least so I wish to tell myself.

Imagine, a huge weeping fig planted in a planter pot covered with a rattan basket and how this would uplift the décor of a living room in no time.

Love, love…love!

A fresh bouquete of flowers (ideally wild flowers) can completly change my whole week into feeling fresh and happy instead of mundane


Grow a Mini Wall Garden

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

You can also grow a mini wall garden with a plant climbing grid to your living room, balcony or backyard. Or why not in your office, to boost that energy with a huge green wall?

(You can even do something easier like the picture, and using a branch and hanging plant stems from it. And by that creating an art installation of the plants)

With broad green leafy ornamental plants, let it spread along the wall if you want to feel lost in the middle of the woods.

This is something that can create that unique and organic feeling in a home, but with real plants, I do believe it will require some experience on how to get this right.

Let Them Flow from the ceiling

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Hanging plants in pots or baskets from the ceiling – gives such a nice feeling to your decor. It adds that bohemian and imperfection makes perfect kinda a vibe but also adds a unique look to your space.

There are plenty of plants to pick from, for example, an amazing spider plant will give a nice and flowy feel to the decor.

Add Greenery to Your Office Space

An easy way to elevate your office decor is to decorate with plants. Not only will the plants give a decorative feel to your office, but also add a feeling of freshness, energy, and splurge of color.

A great plant to add in an office space would be a snake plant, not only for its decorative look but also for it acting as an air purifier.

Add eatable greenery

Decorate your kitchen with terracotta pots and other pots filled with beautiful herbs.

Not only will these herbs provide a lush of greenery but also give off a very nice aroma as well as taste amazing on that newly baked pizza.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Add fresh flowers in a basket bag

Love this stylish and decor trend of adding flowers (can be fake as well) into a basket bag.

This look looks so appealing in a soft minimalistic style where the emphasis is on more organic materials and textures.

Decor with Planter stools

Elevate your plants by adding planter stools to your lovely plants.

This is such a nice decor trick and works in a bedroom as well as in a corner of a room.

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

What now…?

It is simple – look at your own space, and ask yourself; what brings meaning to me in regards to adding plants? Where can I use a bit of that inspiration and feeling I get from plants? What type of plant am I more fond of (and also important, which are easy to maintain – if you are a newbie). And then – have fun with adding decorating your home with plants. Whether you go all in or go small – it doesn’t matter.

What is a fact is that a sprint of greenery adds a soothing impression to the interior design of your home and makes its environment healthier and refreshing by making you feel more connected to nature. All this usually makes an even minimalistic home that has plants appear more natural, soft and even homier.

Enjoy the process…!


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