Why A Vision Board Can Impact Your Home Decor

vision board interior design

You might be thinking why is creating a vision board connected to your home decor or design?

Having a vision board and first of all, identifying what it is that you want out of life and how you most of all want to feel, will help you to create a home that inspires you. You can then manifest your goals and dreams through your interior – every day and all the time 🙂

Like this, you will be subconsciously reminded of your lifestyle goals on a daily basis. It will also be easier to stay focused- and be reminded of what has true meaning to you.

This way, your home will have meaning and is supporting your life vision.

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Visualization and the knowledge of why is a powerful tool

feminine vision board

Credit: The Elgin Avenue

Vision board vs Mood board?

There are many common factors with both a vision board and a mood board. Both are a tool to inspire and to help you to achieve a specific goal or theme. They also both touch on feelings and conceptual thoughts.

But what sets them apart, in my view, is that a vision board is also visually highlighting different steps and elements that you need to be reminded of, for you to reach your final goal.

An example, a vision board to support a healthy lifestyle – can involve quotes and mantras supporting this. People you are inspired by, together with possible courses that you should complete, etc. With the help of the overall healthy lifestyle theme you are alike a mood board creating an overall feel on the board.

Your mood board will then later support this vision board. You might then be focused more on bringing in the conceptual feelings and elements that support this healthy lifestyle: colors, items etc that inspires.

This is why I recommend creating a vision board for your lifestyle before starting your mood board if you are planning to change your design or decor up. Or if you are planning to move into your new place.

Trust me, it is worth it! Like this you will have a meaningful unique home decor that supports your life vision.

What is a good format of a vision board? 

  • You can either create a board online using pictures and different online tools (I recommend using Canva)  
  • Or you can create a tactical board

So with that this is up to you! Which ever way inspires you the most. But I do believe in having both since they might serve you in different settings.

My Story

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I have recently updated my vision board. I opted for the digital version and have placed this as my desktop image. I will like this be reminded of it every time I use the computer.

Later on I will print these images and create a tactile mood board to have in my office. I will then scatter around some items around the home to remind me of this goal that I have set for my dream lifestyle.

vision board

Some thoughts on the vision board

  • The house represents a dream I have – and that soon should be a reality. But in order to feel good about it. I also have to be reminded in my apartment today to also not spend money on useless stuff. Since my dream is to save as much as I can for this summer house.
  • To support a mindful living I need yoga, running, feel flexible, and would love to rescue a dog. I will encourage this behavior by incorporating easy organization for my training clothes, and highlighting items that make me think of a healthy lifestyle.
  • I also want to feel inspired to start to give back more to my community through my creativity. That is why I accepted (last week) to be part of a committee for a charity helping children in institutes. I want to have a purpose and give back. This will be translated by inspiring “purposeful” quotes around my apartment.

Step By Step – How To Create A Vision Board

  • Write down all dreams and goals that you have with your lifestyle. Don’t hold back. Be brave to understand what it is that you want. Don’t limit yourself and think of your situation today, but instead focus on what you want.
  • Find images that represent these dreams and thoughts visually. I like to pick images that also overall sets a style tone that makes me feel inspired and good.
  • Mix up images and quotes
  • Make a collage. Pick your medium. Be creative! Have fun!
  • Display your vision board
  • Look at your board daily. It is known that visualizing your goals before bed and in the morning helps to set your focus. Many athletes do this with positive pre-play methods which is also used within leadership training.

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Plus get a free guide + worksheet:
“How you can reach your lifestyle dreams through your design”

How to make this vision board work in your decor? 


  • Highlight common style feelings from your vision board and bring it into the overall mood of your decor.
  • Visually translate the important goals, for example, a healthy lifestyle, or goal of financial independence into the home decor and plan of your home. Example: a vision for your lifestyle to be financially independent means that you might want to use some artwork in your home that reminds you of this, or create DIY items, or simply go for a timeless minimalism approach.
  • Showcase your mood board in an area that you visit every day. Visually get in the inspiration and read out any motivational quotes you have on it.

Still looking for inspiration for your vision board, then I can recommend some of the books listed in my interior design books recommended reading list….

  • A vision board is a great way to manifest your goals and dreams into your physical reality. By seeing your goals and dreams visually every day, you are more likely to take the necessary actions to make them a reality. This is exactly why I made mine 1st week of January 2022.

    When you create a vision board, you are essentially creating a roadmap for your life. The images and words on your vision board will help to keep you focused on what you want to achieve. And by decorating your home with images that reflect your dreams and aspirations, you can help to increase the positive energy in your space and encourage manifestation.

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