Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Scandinavian kitchen gray

Scandinavian kitchens are usually associated with clean lines, whites and light woods together with natural materials as a foundation.

What is also common to see in Scandinavian kitchens is the display of functional decorative objects that usually stand out and speak the homeowners unique story.

In fact I think this is something that Scandinavian kitchens nowadays do really well – adding a uniqueness to an otherwise simple foundation. This is also very common for the Scandinavian interior design style in general, regardless of room.

While kitchens in Scandinavia might not have the same center stage as in other cultures. The stories happening in these kitchens are still important. All those hours spending time making homemade jams and making slow cooked meals, means that kitchens have always been an important part of the culture.

I have collected here my 29 Scandinavian kitchens ideas and inspiration, that I use and that will hopefully inspire you.

Scandinavian kitchen gray

While I encourage you to get ideas and inspiration – I also want to help you to understand why this style matters to you.

Try to identify what it is that matters to you. After you have looked through the different images and design tips. Write them down on a piece of paper or create a mood board with images that translate this “why” into a visual story. Have fun!

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Key Features Summed up

  • Light and space
  • Clean lines
  • Storytell with details
  • Organization
  • Natural materials
  • Whites, neutrals and grays
  • Functional decorative items

29 Ideas from Scandinavian Kitchens

#1 Go for simple light bulbs and a cool cable like these.

This also suits you if you are into creating a more minimalistic Scandinavian interior design.

Credit: Entrance

Scandinavian kitchen with no upper cabinets

#2 Use subway tiles with darker grout in the kitchen.

Credit: Entrance

Scandinavian kitchen idea cutting board

#3 Decorate your kitchen counter tops with stunning natural elements like chop boards.

Credit: Entrance

Scandinavian kitchen idea wine storage

#4 Us decorative objects that gives you a certain feeling – like for wine lovers, a stunning wine display is perfect.

Credit: Entrance

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Scandinavian kitchen ideas with details

#5 Mix grays colors on the cabinets with wood details.

Credit: Entrance

Scandinavian kitchen idea fireplace

#6 Add a fire place in the kitchen. For those cozy evenings.

Credit: Entrance

Scandinavian kitchen idea light fixture

#7 Skip upper cabinets and go for a stylish light fixture.

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Scandinavian kitchen idea wood light flooring

#8 Invest in a durable light wood flooring for the kitchen area.

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What is also common to see in Scandinavian kitchens is the display of functional decorative objects that usually stands out and speaks the homeowners unique story.

Scandinavian kitchen idea brick wall

#9 Combine bricks and whites if you can. Stunning contrast!

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Scandinavian white kitchen idea open shelving system

#10 Add open shelving to display your most inspiring objects.

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Scandinavian kitchen counter top decoration

#11 Decorate with functional objects, like items that you use to cook with.

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Scandinavian kitchen details

#12 Add prettiness with cute soap dispensers.

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Scandinavian kitchen pantry

#13 If you are lucky and have an extra nook – then a pantry is a must in the traditional Scandinavian kitchens.

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Scandinavian kitchen

#14 Movable kitchen islands and tables are great for curating the objects that makes you inspired to cook.

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Scandinavian living rooms are characteristic of spaces with ample lightneutral materials and clean lines

Scandinavian kitchen eating nook

#15 Try to add your kitchen table by a window. Light is important.

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Scandinavian white kitchen design

#16 Instead of upper cabinets, go for decorating with your favorite art pieces.

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Small living apartment kitchen

#17 Add a suitable carpet in the kitchen to stand on when cooking and washing dishes.

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scandinavian minimalism design

#18 Change up the cookie cutter handles with something that suits you.

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#19 Functional wood pieces. You cannot have too much of it!

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#20 Decorate with items that you use and want easily to reach.

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Use window sills for decorating inspiring objects

#21 Create plenty of floor to ceiling, storage if you have a chance.

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#22 Get creative with your fixtures!

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#23 Use subtle and soft colors that you know you will like over a long time.

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#24 Keep materials simple to avoid a busy look and feel.

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#25 Hey you coffee lovers! Make a space where you can get inspired by your most loved coffee items.

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#26 Let light in!

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#27 Try to get views of greens and nature inside.

Credit: Norm Architects

#28 Go for open storage and display all the food items that gets you motivated!

Credit: Entrance

#29 Mix and match – new furniture with historical furnitures.

Credit: Entrance

Scandinavian Kitchen design ideas summary

  • Keep the foundations (doors, top and flooring) as simple and clean looking as possible
  • Mix and match with white and woods
  • Add objects that speaks to you and that tells your unique story
  • Add fun and cool lighting
  • Think of adding some unusual or inspiring handles and knobs to your doors

Go for it! Have fun!

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