Interview with Artist Alewijn Don

Artist Alewijn
Artist Alewijn

Continuing my quest to highlight and speak to artists, we have had the pleasure of interviewing Alewijn Don, or Don Drawings the name he goes by. He is an artist and conceptual designer based in Amsterdam.

Alewijn is an artist with a strong background in art history together with a passion for the constructivist movement of the early 20th century. All which is visible in his abstract geometrical composed pieces.

While his art pieces are interesting on its own, we can’t help but to imagine them in a minimalistic interior setting. The geometrical shapes would give off a clean, simple yet organized feel to a wall.

Quick Background facts

– Artist is based in Amsterdam
– Autodidact artist and conceptual designer
– Have a background in Art History and History
– Passion for the constructivist movements of the early 20th century
– Medium: Ink and paint

Artist Alewijn

Interview Topics

  • Inspiration
  • Defining style
  • Other artists
  • Studio tour
  • Art displayed

    + 3 Tips for the creative from him

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The recognizability of simple forms contrast nicely with the unconventional way I order them.

Alewijn Don
Alewijn Don
Alewijn Don

Where do you find inspiration to your art? 

– I am inspired by many things, mostly by everyday objects like traffic signs, building facades, patterns of brick walls, clothing designs etcetera.

As long as I see a pattern or geometrical shape in a remarkable colour I save it in my mind and try it out later by reproducing it on paper or canvas.

The recognizability of simple forms contrast nicely with the unconventional way I order them.

Alewijn Don
Alewijn Don
Alewijn Don

How would you define your style? 

– My style is clearly abstract geometrical.

Composition is everything in my work! I am always puzzling my way through a drawing or painting by using ‘puzzle pieces’ that have mostly geometrical forms and strong colours.

It is like making a puzzle that didn’t exist before, seemingly simple but all the more difficult. Because finding the right composition depends on a lot of factors: what do I want to tell(?); do I want to tell something(?); what colours interact well with each other(?); how much negative space do I need(?); what composition direction am I going to follow(?) and so on…

Ruining a perfectly good composition with just a small shape or with a slightly off colour is easily done. This demands my focus during the entire process.

Colours and shapes are all around us, by rearranging them and making them a central theme I capture them in eternity

Can you name three artists that you admire the work of? 

– I admire Kazimir Malevich and Vilmos Huszar for their early geometrical approach of painting.

They were among the founders and adventurers of this art form when ‘people’ didn’t understand how this modern approach of painting was to be received, at the beginning of the 20th century.

True pioneers in a style that I’ve adopted, mainly because of its visual clarity. 

Another inspiration is Damien Hirst. Not because of what he is making, more because of how he represents himself as both a businessman and an artist. He shows it is possible to be able to artistically evolve while being commercially conscious. 

How does your painting studio look like? And what are some of your must have inspiring objects in your studio?  

– My atelier is quite tidy and well arranged I might say. It helps me create order in my head, the best way for me to create a new ‘puzzle’.

I have a few things that help me create. Often it is flowers in my atelier, it occasionally helps me find the right colours and also flowers just look nice.

In my studio you’ll also find books on artists from Suprematism, De Stijl, Futurism, Cubism and other early 20th century abstracts that inspire me.

Furthermore it is mainly artworks by myself and some other artists that colour my atelier to a space of creativity. I believe that from creative visuals derive new creative ideas.

If you could choose any place and wall, where would you love your art to be displayed?

– If it was up to me I would love an art wall in places where people are always on the move, like train stations or receptions at larger companies.

A similar constant dynamic is something I endeavour to achieve in my art.

But if I am able to let people stop for a moment to take a closer look and contemplate for a while, that would be ideal. This world of rapid movement outside and inside is a grateful subject for me.

Alewijn’s 3 Tips to the Creative

  • Think of what you find attractive art and why.
  • Keep doing what you love, not what other people love. Your personality is your quality.
  • Just start, don’t think too much… Start!

Thank you Alewijn for your time and for wanting to participate in our on the wall series. It was truly an honor and we are excited to keep on following your creative journey.



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