Art And Posters: Summer Round Up No2

Artist Karine Leger

Karine Leger 

What is a wall without art? To us art brings so much to a space, not only will it add colors, texture and a certain mood. It will also bring a piece of the artists story into your space. Art – is a subject that fascinates us. It is something that allows us to analyze and come up with stories on why the art was taken and what it says to the artist. We always admire the creativity in it and of course are always imagining them in an interior setting. Certain pieces of art at times, gets us inspired for a whole design concept and mood for a space – simply by that art piece having that wow effect on us.

With this whole fascination of artists and the creative process for them, we cannot wait to learn more about new artists and photographers this coming autumn. If you have any tips on some creative artists or perhaps you are an artist with a portfolio yourself, please introduce yourself- we would love to meet you and get to know you.

In the meantime while we wait for the new art to be shown on the blog we are going through the archives and digging up three creative souls who inspired us not only with their art pieces but also with their inspiring words. Click on the photos if you wish to read the interviews with the artists.



Karine Leger

Karine Leger Art and Photography

Credit: Karine Leger


First out we have Karine Leger who is a creative artist who described herself as an artist who has a passion for photography and often starts her painting process with researching photographs she has taken. Even though she paints abstract – the way we like it, the photos was what caught our attention. The mystery behind the double exposure made us curious about this creative artist and photographer from Canada.



I’ve been obsessed with double exposure for a while now. It’s like i can’t take just a normal picture anymore.” – Karine for DS210




Oumayma B Tanfous

Oumayma B Tanfous

Credit: Oumayma B Tanfous


Anyone recalls the print and photograph shown in A Merry Mishaps home? This is how I stumbled upon Oumayma B Tanfous. A photographer whose minimalistic, serene and emotional photos captured my interest. The small chat we did with her was one of those inspiring e-mail contacts and conversations we live on for sometime. Learning about what inspires her and how she defines her style made me feel a step closer to the images she takes.



I always find it interesting to meet photographers after looking at their pictures, you feel that you already know them a little bit. Taking a picture can be a very intimate moment.” – Oumayma for DS210




Terence Hennum

Terence Hennum

Credit: Terence Hennum


Here we have Terence Hennum – alike anything we have shown here, Terence uses cassette tapes as his material for his visual arts. The cassette tapes are a reflection of his second talent and passion: music. By combining the two art forms he has created something meaningful and powerful for him whilst providing us with interesting pieces to hang on the wall. They are pretty cool right?



I find inspiration from many sources. I collect vintage head cleaner cassettes and blank cassettes from all over the world and I only seek out kind of specific eras.” – Terrence Hannum for DS210



Stay tuned for another round up and which will be the last one before a new hot season starts. We are already thinking about perhaps a new question to include to ask the artists. Any tips on what you would like to know? Share your inspiration with us.



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