Places To Eat & Drink No.6 – Intro by Joanna Laajisto

Intro by Joanna Laajisto

Are you ready for another Places To Eat & Drink? We are so ready for this post. Like we said, this is our favorite type of posts to re search at the moment. Why do we love these places so much to make a column about them? It is not only about the design and hospitality design like we mentioned in the other posts – it is also about the food concept and whole environment. Being amateur chefs who grabs tons of inspiration from both Masterchef to any Foodnetwork show at the moment it is no wonder that restaurants, bars and coffee shops are on our list of inspiring things. Adding on to our Bucket List made this restaurant and night club called Intro. It is located in Kuopio in Finland. Yes we are all in a Scandinavian mood at the moment, it is all because of the trip we are so longing for to come (only a month to go – count down begun). Let’s do like the guys over at Yatzer and Wallpaper and take you on a tour around the space of Intro. Happy indulging!


Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto


Intro is common to other designs by the talented Joanna Laajisto’s creative design studio -a restaurant with a contemporary style with historical roots. The overall design scheme feels very much Nordic in its simplistic approach from the neatly placed furniture pieces to the earthy and subdued color palette. Juxtaposed to that relaxed and sleek feel is the patterned flooring and seating fabric which gives movement and interest to this space, reminding the place that it is not only a restaurant but also a vibrant night club.

The space which the restaurant is placed in is a rather large space with high ceiling – something which gives the space a more roomey feel very much inviting when wanting to create that large dining feel. To bring the ceiling down and create smaller areas, the design team used these white lamps by Slovenian designers Vertigo Bird. Except Vertigo Bird’s lamps there are plenty of other details which we could bring up here and that we love, but all in all these details are purely what made this design excellent and it would take ages for us to write down. All we have left to say is, Joanna congratulations – you did it again!



Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto


Said On The Project:


The huge circular mirrors make the space look even lighter and airier, whilst the furnishings offer a subtle use of colour amongst an otherwise neutral palette seen in the barstool and lounges, covered in a woven Kvadrat wool fabric by iconic British designer Paul Smith.” – Yatzer



Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto Intro by Joanna Laajisto

Credit: Joanna Laajisto


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