Office Design: Creative Office No.4

Locomotiv Advertising Agency

Credit: Jason Strong


Are you excited for the last round up of the best office designs we have shared on the blog? We are not excited that this has come to an end as one learns a lot by going through old content and spaces which we have curated over time. But, what we are excited about is exploring and sharing all the new spaces with you. Spaces which hopefully will inspire whether it is in your next carrier move or maybe you are a designer seeking some inspiration for your next project. We are always excited to share the inspiration we curate and cannot wait to hear from you.

Let’s look at these office designs one more time. If you would like to check out more about the offices simply click on the images. One can also find some more interviews of the photographers who shot the spaces’ over here and here.




Locomotiv Advertising Agency

Credit: Jason Strong


First out we have Locomotiv an advertsing agency based in Stockholm. This adverising agency has a beautiful industrial looking white office design, where colours are used sparsingly. The idea was probably to keep a white slate as working for an agency as such involves a lot of concept building which of course then helps if you have everything around you in white and clean designs. The designers behind this, MER left nothing to be mundane, instead of working with colors they have made sure to use different patterns and materials as to enlighten the spaces.



Club Workspace


Credit: Jill Tate


A crush for us is Club Workplace – a co working place designed by TILT. A design and architectural firm we have written about before as well.

The design of this space is in charcoal and dark together with white and wood pieces. Its setting is very industrial and the whole design concept has kept that sort of – un finished kind of look. This space caters for freelancers and others in need of some work spaces – and as you might know from before, this type of places which inspires collaboration is something we at DS210 love. We so believe that collaborations is the key for growth and success and would love to bring our laptops there one day and just fire away with up and coming ideas.




Inoui Interior design

Credit: Inoui


We are leaving this Round Up with a former interior design studio called Inoui. This image above was really what caught my attention for this office.

The design studio was created by the former Inoui duo themselves, Kyla and Amber now run separate studios (Kyla at Kyla Bidgood Interior Design and Amber at Mak Interiors). The interior has some nice ideas – like the framing of different plans and print screens. We love the set up of the meeting table and the long working station together with, that craving bookcase. We also recall how much we enjoyed talking to them about their studio – they surely seemed genuine. On this good note we will wrap this up.


If you know of any inspiring office designs please let us know. You can leave a comment below or send an e-mail directly to me here. I am looking forward hearing from you.



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