Office Design: Creative Office Round Up NO1

Squad Ink Design Studio

Squad Ink Design Studio

Branding Agency Squad Ink © Anson Smart


We took the opportunity to look through some of our older creative office posts. With summer being on high speed we wish to wait to upload some new design studios.

After all even though work is constantly something that inspires us – summer is the time when one shall let loose and try to focus a bit less on work and more on what is around us. Even if it means exploring around your local neighborhood and trying to find that – oh so tasty gelato.

In between the ice cream eating and exploring check out some cool design studios below. Press the images if you wish to see older articles from the blog.




Squad Ink

Squad Ink

Credit: Anson Smart


Squad Ink is a Branding Agency in Sydney designed by Arent&Pyke. The reason why we bumped in to this agency was after stalking Arent&Pykes blog. We then discovered that the lovely blog was made by this branding Agency.

As our contributor at that time wrote: “The whole space has been tailored towards the company’s belief in quirky, colorful and unique design, giving visitors a taste of what Squad Ink strive to achieve before they’ve even taken a look at their portfolio.”

It is truly the energized pops of colors in combination with the eclectic furniture pieces that drives us to keep on looking at this interior space and design studio.



JWT Advertising Agency

Joanna Laajisto Design

Credit: Joanna Laajisto


Second up is the Finish interior designer, Joanna Laajisto’s work of art. This is the result of the office design for a creative advertising agency called JWT based in Finland and world wide.

The relaxed feel combined with the sleek look makes this space somewhat perfection in our eyes. The space created allows the brain and eyes to relax from a busy interior surrounding and instead focus on the task ahead. With that being said, the space still has an edge and an interest to it with the different textures and shapes – all which are important in working spaces for boredom to not kick in.





 Credit: Jason Strong


Last but not least is Vasakronan a beautifully shot office space by the talanted and our friend Jason Strong. An Interior and Architectural photographer with a keen eye for detail and for showcasing three dimensional spaces in to lively two dimensionals.

Back to the actual space, this is Vasakronan a real estate company in Sweden. This space has one of the best designed offices I have seen. Not only does it have a colorful space which again gives energy but the conceptual bit of this office design is what strikes us. The design team behind it, BSK arhictectures, surely took in to account the purpose of each office space and designed spaces influenced by those. As an example take a look at the yellow board room with all the tools hanging around. Pretty neat in our eyes, or what do you think?





We will continue this little round up next week. If you do not have time to wait until then, you can find all the posts in this column here. If you want you can also find more creative office spaces if you take a peek through the interviews we made with interior Photographer Jill Tate and Jason Strong.



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