Office Design: Creative Office Round Up No.3

office-lycee-francais-saint-louis Photographed by Jason Strong

Credit: Jason Strong


Office designs – for some time now we have been hooked on the inspiration we get from office designs and for the psychology behind; how to increase productivity through the correct selection of colors, layout and other selections.

After all we spend most of the time in our life actually at work – so being surrounded by an atmosphere which is healthy and inspiring will not only have a good effect on the workers mood at work but also outside of work as well. For many people, quitting a work could be hard simply due to a cool work culture and office space.

This is all what this little creative office column and re search project is about. It is about finding inspiring work spaces which inspires you, but also to inspire us and teach us more about the importance of a nice work culture and office space. This autumn we will be looking closer in to some of these topics while writing about offices. We have already some cool spaces to show you, but that will be in a couple of weeks as we are still looking at some of the creative office designs we have already shown over the past.

As the other posts we wrote, if you would like to check out more about the offices simply click on the images. One can also find some more interviews of the photographers who shot the spaces’ over here and here.


Lycee Francais Saint Louis


Credit: Jason Strong


The office – Lycee francais saint louis, is not our typical office space. This is actually a school, so the office is more for the workers there than the pupils. Well, this did not stop us from including this into this small design round-up. This school was in fact one of the reasons, together with the Skype office, that we are curating lovely designed offices on the blog here.

So why do we love this school? I am sure you like us probably have not been in a school so colorful and homey looking. This vibrant and comfortable feel we can only imagine has a great positive impact on the pupils and the teachers who are mentoring these young kids to become mature and empowered individuals. This space has been one of our most pinned Pinterest post for us as well, which we are happy for the photographer, Jason Strong – he truly captured those vibrant colors well. Well all these factors make us crave these pictures one more time.



Intrum Justitia

Jason Strong Office Intrum Justice

Credit: Jason Strong


Hello lovely sofa lounge area with the nice hanging plants. Meet Intrium Justitia an office designed by Tengboom. Why did we love this office so much to curate it – it was probaly this picture above. There is something about this image – maybe it is the plants, the shape of the sofa or the colors.

The interior design of this office uses plants and flowers to enlighten the office and create a much more welcoming feel for the workers. Our past contributor and Interior Designer by profession did a nice write-up about this office design. Check it out here.




Skype Office by Jason Strong

Credit: Jason Strong


This company surely needs no explanation as we are all probably by now familiar with Skype. The interior space has been shared by many top bloggers out there over the years. It was probably that office or even ‘the’ office that changed the way we look at offices and made many smaller companies aware of the huge impact a cool work environment has to the employees and how that translates into growth and great numbers for a company.

The space has a lovely color palette which feels easy to the eyes but at the same time has these pops of colors which creates that energy and unexpected appeal which takes away from making it into a mundane interior space. There is nothing mundane about Skype – it uses, colors and shapes to create an interest – it is a space we would love to visit one day and tour just to get that – ahhh – type of feel.




Netlight Office Design Photographed by Jason Strong

Credit: Jason Strong


Netlight has this easy breezy type of Scandinavian feel in the interior which is probably what caught our interest for it.It suits the blogs easy type of interior setting and also had some interesting pieces in the interior design worth talking about. Mainly because of this horse in the entrance. Yeup, maybe that would be something you should suggest for the re-design of your office space?

It is this relaxed and a bit – out of the place – type of feel that we enjoy so much about this space. Like the picture above, the eating area has this community feel with benches lined up and tables, which can easily be placed in different arrangements if needed.

Instead of me rambling on about these offices – I am happy that you even made it so far down this article – click in here to see the rest of the spaces. Oh and let us know what you think. Which of these spaces would you actually prefer to work in?



More to come next week and then we are in for an inspiring new work season to inspire us with more office designs and office culture. As a last small tips we often look at this blog, the Office Snapshot for inspiring office tours.



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