Office Design: Creative Office Round Up No.2

PS Arkitektur Office Design - Jill Tate Photography

PS Arkitektur Office Design - Jason Stron Photography

HSB by PS Arkitektur Photo – Jason Strong


Are you ready for some more office design inspiration? Well if ready or not below we have collected another round up of our Creative Office columns with office designs from around the world from top leading design firms.

Not to forget the talented photographers behind these spaces who of course even make this blog and this post possible. My hat goes off to all the talented peeps involved in the projects below and for allowing us to share and inspire with these. If you would like to see the post simply click on the images. Happy indulging…!


HSB Office 

HSB Designed By PS Arkitektur

Credit: Jsaon Strong


HSB is the largest housing organisation in Sweden who caught our eyes with their lovely atrium which is decorated with greens and flowers (the introduction image in this post), making us somewhat jealous of anyone working in this company. Not only are plants decorative and creates this relaxing and energetic feel, there are much more benefits with designing an office building with green plants. – We of course love this idea!

Regarding this interior space, the atrium and flowers were not only what caught our attention it was the injection of bright colors throughout the space, very well thought out by PS Arkitektur who were the design brains behind this interior design. Scandinavian design at its best, or what do think?



Havas Office 

Joanna Laajisto Office design

Credit: Joanna Laajisto


This is one of our favorite office designs where we would actually love to take the laptops and DesignStudio210 to and just fire away with some creative plans and posts.

“Industrial looking. White walls. Tall ceilings…! Yep, if you have been following our creative office column here you might be aware that I am personally in favour of these type of offices. The tall ceilings allow me to breath and feel as if opportunities are endless; the white walls creates that blank canvas I crave while dreaming of new projects; and the industrial feel simply inspires my vision.”

This is exactly what I wrote over a year ago before letting our, at that time, contributor continue with the write up of this lovely and clean-lined office design. If you would like to read the creative words from our contributor, find the post here.



Toffee Factory

Toffee Factory Photographed by Jill Tate

 Credit: Jill Tate


Last in this weeks round up we have the Toffee Factory. This concept is genius – a place where creatives can come and work and where start ups can rent office spaces. This encourage and inspires for collaboration and makes it easier on companies to get a nice looking building, without having to take the responsibility for the building itself.

This office building is actually owned by the local council of Newcastle and is an inspiration to many cities out there. The lovely design studio Xsite was behind the design of this interior space and ours truly Jill Tate got the opportunity to shoot all these amazing images.



This office design round up will continue next week again. We are all looking through the blog archive to inspire us for new office designs to show, as autumn and the more work mood soon starts. If you would like, as last week, you can find all the posts in this column here. If you want you can also find more creative office spaces if you take a peek through the interviews we made with interior Photographer Jill Tate and Jason Strong.



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