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ATG office

We are back with looking at inspiring office designs and work cultures to inspire our minds with. This office which we lined up to start this new season with is actually a space which has been in our folder for sometime now. – Anna Caroline

Meet ATG which is a trotting and betting company based in Stockholm who in 2014 hired Stockholms hot design team, Note design studio to design their new office space covering an area of 2000 sqm. ATG was undergoing a whole new business structural change at that time and wished Note to help to reinforce its new strategies in to the interior design. Important to the betting company was of course that the communication to its workers were clear and for them to on a daily basis be reminded of its visions through the design. Note design studio was of course up for this creative project and named the design project ‘A Walk In The Park’.

ATG officeATG officeATG office

ATG’s Office – A Walk In The Park

‘A Walk In The Park’ was an idea Note developed after seeing some aerial images – which had the typical distinct pattern of varied land surfaces connected to each other. The idea of reinforcing that concept in to the actual space, would solve the whole layout issue of the office design and bring in the community feel which was wished for by ATG. This is how the concept ‘A Walk In The Park’ was born.

Due to these factors, Note’s main focus was building an open floor plan which was easily understandable by staff and visitors – they did this by incorporating trails and parkways which all simply were inspiration brought from nature. If one follows the trail which is easily marked out with the juxtaposed flooring materials one will be guided to different work stations on one side and on the other one can find meeting rooms. As of fact the communal meeting rooms can be found in the middle of the space and is marked by its tall ceiling divisions which were inspiration from the trees in the aerial images. Together with the meeting rooms the central stage of the whole layout is the office cafe which is a place for the workers to hang out and network. This ingenious layout is what caught our attention and made us curios to research and write about this creative office design.

ATG officeATG officeATG office

What type of benefits do we think this office design has? Surely ATG was highlighting the fact that they did not wish to separate the different departments that this large company has, but they wanted to make sure that it was more of a communal feel type of work culture. Working in such an environment – even though separate meeting rooms and offices could be beneficial, like we can see that they still made sure to add as above image shows – it is these type of working environments that encompasses a certain relaxed vibe among the workers. It also brings different departments together, which only benefits the creative journey of the business. As Note also wrote on their press release – office spaces as ATG will only benefit co-operation and communication between staff.

ATG officeATG office

                                     Credit: ATG / Photo – Jason Strong / Design – Note Design Studio

Communication and collaboration is what this space has taught us together with how to create an interesting layout. I believe this office space also brought in the whole conceptual training bit which we are in favor of and hope to find more office spaces with this type of conceptual process behind. Now we are really curios to hear your voice on this space? Did this space inspire you? Leave a comment below – we look forward chatting with you.


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