Places To Eat And Drink No.7 – Vino Veritas Designed By Masquespacio

Vino Veritas by Cualiti Via Design Studio 210


There are some restaurant designs and concepts that get us jumping up and down. Seriously they create this excitement that we do not know how to fully use. The Vino Veritas restaurant in Olso is this type of designed restaurant. In fact we are finding it even slightly difficult to even write this blog post – all we wish to do is stare at the images and admire the creativity in the whole restaurant concept.

This is definitely a space that we wish to add in our Travel bucket list – reason being the design, the healthy restaurant vibe and the whole concept of this restaurant. Let’s look a bit closer at this restaurant below.

Happy indulging!



Vino Veritas by Cualiti Via Design Studio 210

Vino Veritas by Cualiti Via Design Studio 210

Cualiti Photo Studio


Vino Veritas is a Spanish tapas bar which focuses on ecological produce located in Norway’s capital, Olso. The produce from the restaurant comes all the way from Cortijo El Cura winery in Spain where a family is growing ecological produce to produce tapas dishes together with wines – all which are being used to entertain the customers of Vino Veritas.

This whole balance between Spain and Norway can also be seen in the interior design of the space. The design team of Masquespacio design studio knew they had to emphasize on balancing Norwegian elements together with Spanish details. Important to the design team was to create an interior design with a Nordic base – which can be seen through the oak flooring, wood-paneled wall and ceilings together with the clean furniture lines. This is juxtaposed with Spanish influences and can be seen through the color palette and some decorative elements such as the baskets and blinds of esparto or the Spanish clay tiles.

There might be no surprise that this interior design has been featured in top blogs around the world like Living and Italian Elle Decor. We of course will stay curios on more projects of Masquespacio and hope to perhaps visit Vino veritas one day for some nice wine and tapas with some design friends.


Vino Veritas by Cualiti Via Design Studio 210Vino Veritas by Cualiti Via Design Studio 210


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It was important for us to highlight characteristics like the ecology and craftsmanship of Andalusia that were marked significantly by the business model of Vino Veritas. Although we wanted to take in count the beauty of the Norwegian architecture and always thinking in designing an elegant and warm, but at the same time inviting space, for a wider public looking for the Spanish culture and gastronomy. – Masquespacio



Design Restaurant Vino Veritas Masquespacio

Credit: Vino Veritas / Photo: Cualiti / Design: Masquespacio Via Yatzer



Address: Strømsveien 1 – 0657 Oslo
Telephone: 91742339
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