On The Wall: Graphic Designer Coni

Conilab | Design Studio 210

Barcelona based graphic designer Coni, or Costanza is a woman who introduced me to her work a couple of weeks ago. She had just launched her new career as a business owner of her own studio Conilab which at the moment focuses on producing handmade silkscreen posters. Knowing how much gutt it takes for someone to take the leap of faith of venturing on their own, made me want to help her a bit along the way by showing some of my favourite pieces she has in her shop.

“[...] I love typography, signs, word games, popular sayings and you will find a little bit of all these things on my work.” – Coni


On The Wall: Photographer Oumayma B. Tanfous

Oumayma B. Tanfous | Design Studio 210

Photographer Oumayma B.Tanfous, is a woman I have had my eyes on since I spotted her print in Jennifer‘s home, which led me to The Atelier Print. This particular print -image above- was simple in its own right. It oozed a sensitive and vulnerable feel that also evoked a feeling of mystery. I simply knew I had to find more prints and ask her about her inspiration and style. Little did I know that I was to talk to a photographer whose philosophy is similar to my own.

“I always find it interesting to meet photographers after looking at their pictures, you feel that you already know them a little bit. Taking a picture can be a very intimate moment.” – Oumayma


On The Wall: Photographer Akos Major

Photography Akos Marjo | Design Studio 210

When I look for photographers I not only look for stunning photos but to those pieces which inspire me to decorate a space around. Those images that simply takes me out of reality and in to a dream world of visualization.

A photographer that takes photos which evokes this feeling is Hungarian Akos Major. With a keen eye for composition and colours I am finding his pieces hard to resist. Born in 1974 he spent some time studying Arts and Design in Budapest where he gained a degree in Visual Communication. After having worked 10 years in the Ad-agency he decided to take the leap of faith and go as a freelance designer/photographer. Aren’t we happy he did so?