On The Wall: Artist Terence Hannum

Avilyn by Terrence Hannum | Design Studio 210

Avilyn | Cassette Tape and Hold Tape on Paper | 14″ x 14″ | 2013

Terence Hannum reached out to us after seeing last weeks ‘On The Wall’ post with Arjan. Not only were we happy that someone read our post, but also that they wished to be part of the series. I straight away clicked the link to Terence website and was greeted with a talented and interesting artist.

Alike anything we have shown here, Terence uses cassette tapes as his material for his visual arts. The cassette tapes are a reflection of his second talent and passion: music. By combining the two art forms he has created something meaningful and powerful for him whilst providing us with interesting pieces to hang on the wall. They are pretty cool right?

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On The Wall: Artist Arjan Janssen

Arjan Janssen / Fotografie Tomas Uyttendaele - Design Studio 210

oil on canvas
180 x 140 cm
February 2010

An artist which leaves trays of inspiration through his art and passion for the art is, Arjan Janssen. He was born 1965 in Eindhoven Netherlands and started his artistic academics in his early twenties, this followed by philosophy classes. Combining his educational journey together with his passion and natural talent for the arts he embarked the art scene. And aren’t we glad he did so?

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On The Wall: Illustrator Stina Persson

Art by Stina Persson | Design Studio 210

Illustratations; an art form which fascinates me! Perhaps this fascination is because I secretly wish I could draw something worth looking at. Ok well enough of me…and back to the artist of this gorgeously painted elephant – Stina Persson. Stina is currently based in Stockholm but has previous to that spent a few years living in New York City.

With an extensive portfolio and with clients like Coca Cola, Target, Elle UK and Nylon magazine amongst some, you might already have stumbled upon her work. Myself I came across her art during one of my late Pinterest searches.

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On The Wall: Graphic Designer Coni

Conilab | Design Studio 210

Barcelona based graphic designer Coni, or Costanza is a woman who introduced me to her work a couple of weeks ago. She had just launched her new career as a business owner of her own studio Conilab which at the moment focuses on producing handmade silkscreen posters. Knowing how much gutt it takes for someone to take the leap of faith of venturing on their own, made me want to help her a bit along the way by showing some of my favourite pieces she has in her shop.

“[…] I love typography, signs, word games, popular sayings and you will find a little bit of all these things on my work.” – Coni

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