Designer Lovisa Häger’s Apartment

Designer lovisa hägers apartment
designer lovisa häger's apartment
Lovely picture perfect angle of the room.

This week we are stepping into the home of designer and blogger Lovisa Häger for a quick apartment tour. You can follow (in Swedish) Lovisa’s renovation story over at her blog over here or on her instagram here.

Why do we love Lovisa Häger’s Apartment?

  • Earthy toned color palette
  • Use of textiles
  • Use of furniture pieces as art
  • The clean and elegant feel

What are your favourite things about this space and how does this space make you feel?

designer lovisa häger's apartment
A peep into the living room. Love how simple yet majestic the greenery is here.
designer lovisa häger's apartment
Here can we see a glimpse of Lovisa’s own designs in the form of the living room table.
designer lovisa häger's apartment
Simple and elegant.

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designer lovisa häger's apartment
Curtains hang from the ceiling amplifies the hight and elegant feel in the space.

The design Sourcebook

Interested in where to source some of the products that Lovisa have in her space?

Thanks to Lovisa Häger we can source these objects below:

– Bedroom wall color + gray details around the house is Pigeon Grey’ från Alcro Trend.
– Ikea kitchen with the cabinet doors called ’Ubbalt’

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designer lovisa häger's apartment
The finish of the flooring and the door details gives the space a homey and rustic feel.


designer lovisa häger's apartment
Simple art that stands out.
designer lovisa häger's apartment
Gray and dark walls gives the bedroom a moody and relaxed feel.
designer lovisa häger's apartment
A Scandinavian fireplace in the bedroom – what a dream.

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designer lovisa häger's apartment
Cool and urban wardrobe system.

Credit: Photos Elisabeth Daly for Nomad Mäkleri via Nordicdesign


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