Kralingen Eco House By Avenue Design Studio

avenue interior design
Avenue interior design studio

I love the story behind the Kralingen house. The client of the home is an architect and shares the home with his wife. The Avenue design studio was brought in to soften the otherwise very stark and masculine interior design. The mission was to find a way to balance the minimalistic architecture with a more soft interior.

The result is a contemporary space which feels both very architectural structured but also has a subtle and soft vibe to it.

Design tips from this house

Below are some of the design tips we can gather from this design and decoration project. The ideas can easily be adapted to any space but we can also see them suiting a newly built home. Especially where the wish is to “soften” up the stark feeling.

  • Use curtains instead of blinds.
  • Use natural materials and organic forms
  • Bring in some greenery into the space
  • Decorate with fabrics: think of the cushions and carpets
  • Decorate open shelving
  • Display unique pieces of ceramic
Avenue interior design studio
Show off your curated selection of books and magazines.
Avenue interior design studio
The basket lamp together with the relaxed and fresh feeling of the use of textiles in this living room gives a relaxed yet light feeling.

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Avenue interior design studio
A casual way to drape and dress a window.
Avenue interior design studio
Nice looking coffee table books.
Avenue interior design studio
A kitchen focused on keeping a way clutter but at the same time have room to show of your most stunning and inspiring kitchen gear.


Avenue interior design studio
Divide a room with a book case instead of a wall for a more open look but still secluded feel.
Avenue interior design studio
Stunning book case perfect to show off your ceramics.

Interested to get more inspired by Scandinavian interior design books? See my curated book list that I put together with some of the latest popular books that will get you in the right Scandinavian interior mood.

Avenue interior design studio
Stylish yet warm feeling.
Avenue interior design studio
Love the alcove.
Avenue interior design studio
Elevated bed gives a feeling of extra space.
Avenue interior design studio

Interior design, styling and photography: Avenue Design Studio
Architecture: Stefan Prins


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