Lasarettes gatan 6 – Scandi and Industrial

Scandinavian kitchen
Scandinavian industrial staircase

Welcome home to this weeks Scandinavian home tour: this space inspires us with its Scandinavian industrial feeling.

The apartment is built in an old fabric building and is set on two floors. On the first floor we can see the living room and kitchen area. While the second floor provides a more private feeling and where we can find the bedrooms, working space and also the walk in closet room. The curved beautiful windows and the 5 metre height of the ceiling provides ample of light to this flat.

Why do we get inspired by this apartment?

  • The imperfect kind of look
  • Industrial details found in the staircase and metal used
  • Height of the ceiling
  • Curved windows
Scandinavian dark dining room
Serene dining setting.
Scandinavian industrial staircase
Love the little bar island under the staircase.
Scandinavian industrial details
The rustic staircase feels more like an art work instalment than a “normal” staircase.
Scandinavian living room
Scandinavian interior furniture looking stylish in this living room.
Scandinavian art wall
Art work framing this seating arrangement.
Scandinavian interior space
Hallway curated decoration.
Scandinavian industrial living space
Stunning light living room.

Credit: Stadshem


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