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Are you longing for some cozy offline reading time with Scandinavian interior design books? Then you have come to the right place, take a look below at my newly curated top list for Scandinavian Interior books.

The list is put together after a friend of mine asked for my favorite lifestyle and interior design books that talk about Scandinavia, when she was fixing her place up.

And with that, voila! Design Studio 210’s first curated booklist with one of our favorite styles. Hopefully, you will find a few gems here…


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Which means when you click on one of my recommended books, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission.

I am very mindful of what I recommend here on the blog, and would only highlight products I either have or think could be of value to you.

Scandinavian Interior Design Books VS Online inspiration?

  • Nothing beats getting inspiration from a book with a cup of tea
  • A book gives you that tactile experience. Turning and feeling pages.
  • Bring your book on the balcony or garden for off-screen time
  • Gives you a chance to truly enjoy the book calmly

Below, you will find not only find Scandi home decor books focused on style but also books that uncover the way Scandinavian lives. Like this, you will get a better understanding of what is actually behind the idea of this style.


The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space

Scandinavian interior design book
Author: Frida Ramstedt (Author, Blogger and Interior stylist)

Why this book?

Before even getting into any of the more specific tailored Scandinavian home decor books, I really want to recommend this bookThe Interior Design Handbook. It is written by Swedish Frida Ramstedt, who runs Swedens most popular interior design blog.

This is one of the “must-have” books at the moment within the home decor field and quickly became many interior Instagrammers and bloggers, including myself, favorite. I truly feel that this is the only book you will need to guide you on “how to decorate or interior design”.

It is written in such an easy vocabulary, which is truly helpful when it comes to explaining the principles and elements of interior design.

Who is this book for?

I see this handbook being perfect for you if you are looking to learn more about interior design and how to implement this in your own home.

I would also recommend it to people within the field, as it acts as a nice “how to describe” a more complex matter like the field of interior design in a much more simplistic way.

I have it in the Swedish version, and I truly love it!

Scandinavian Interior Style Books

Scandinavian Dreaming

Scandinavian interior design books

Why this book?

Dreaming of a way of living in Scandinavia? This book has beautiful images that will help you to paint your Scandinavian interior story.

While the books main focus is Scandinavian interior style – it is not stuck on a specific type of Scandinavian style. But instead, you will find photos around minimalism, bohemian, and even more classic interiors.

Who can this book be for?

Perfect for you or someone who is looking to get a broader inspiration of the Scandinavian design style. All from the traditional approach to the more minimalism approach.

The Scandinavian Home

Scandinavian interior design book
Author: Niki Brantmark

Why this book?

Niki Brantmak knows how to get you inspired by Scandi home interiors. Not only am I a fan of the photos and the way she portrays the homes, but she also understands the way Scandi people live.

Light, homely, and with a heart.

Who can this book be for?

If you are into light and homely interiors and curious about the Scandi style this book will for sure not disappoint you. Not only will you be able to pick up ideas to your own home through the stunning photos but you will also get a sense of how Scandinavian homes are and why they are like they are.

See more Scandinavian designed homes in our archive here.

Simple Matters

Scandinavian interior design book
Author: Jenny Mustard

Why this book?

This book illustrates an inspiration around Scandinavian minimalism and simplicity. A concept I am very much fan of. Covering more than just the interior spaces but also the philosophy and mindset of Scandinavian living, will help one to feel inspired for a creative home project.

Just up my alley for a Sunday kind of book.

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Northern Delights

Scandinavian interior design book
Author: Emma Fexeus

Why this book?

One of the most popular Scandinavian interior design books out there by the Swedish interior design blogger Emma Fexeus. In fact she was one of the first bloggers out there writing and showcasing Scandinavian interior design to the world.

After all these years this book has yet not landed on my bookshelf but would love to own a copy one day. The book focuses on promoting local young talent and sustainability efforts as well.


Scandi Rustic

Scandinavian interior design book
Author Rebecca Lawson and Reena Simon

Why this book?

A book focused on the concept of creating a cozy and happy home – this is just up my alley. And in fact, I will add this to my birthday wish list this year.

“Award-winning bloggers and Instagrammers Reena Simon and Rebecca Lawson are renowned for their love affair with all things Scandi.” With this book, they will guide us on how to create a Scandinavian home with rustic and cozy elements in it.

It is up for pre-order now and will be available in October.

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This Is Home

Scandinavian interior design books

Why this book?

While this book does not focus primlairy on the Scandi style it is the concept of feeling that a house or flat should be a home, that is dear to the Scandinavian mindset.

The Scandinavians love all things about creating a cozy homely interior setting, this since the majority of time is spent indoors during the long winter months. This book will act as a great inspiration source to get that homey feel, you might be after.

Use Scandinavian inspired books to style your home with – your bookshelf or cupboard.

It will give you that extra Nordic feel in your style.

Style advice – Caroline

Scandinavian Lifestyle Books

The Little Book Of Hygge

Scandinavian lifestyle book
Author: Meik Wiking

Why this book?

Simply think this is a cute little book to look through once in a while and always reminds oneself about mindfulness and happiness.

A great gift to give to someone interested in the Danish lifestyle culture as well.

My favourite book is “Lagom“. Perfect way of learning how the Swedes live and understand the impact that this have on the interior design


Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life

Scandinavian lifestyle book
Author: Niki Brantmark

Why this book?

An inspiring little book about the Swedish concept of “lagom”. Not too little and not too much. This book is filled with simple ideas that truly makes me appreciate the Swedish culture and my upbringing.

Recommending this as a sweet little gift as well to a friend interested in this culture.

Want To Know More About The Scandinavian Style and Philosophy?

Scandinavian interior design is about simplicity and functionality. It is about Quality over Quantity. The way the style have developed is based on these elements together with the mindset of how Scandic people live and see life.

Click link to see our full guide, written from a Scandinavian born mindset.

scandinavian interior design books

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