Designer Therese Sennerholt’s Apartment

Therese Sennerholt's Apartment
Therese Sennerholt's apartment
The wall finish in this bedroom adds warmth and a depth. Together with the the natural elements in the space it gives a mindful feeling.

Welcome home to designer Therese Sennerholt’s Stockholm apartment. A recently updated design and style in collaboration with super stylist and interior designer Lotta Agaton.

The inspiration and feel we get from this apartment have became our top seen interior spaces this month by far. In fact I am not only curating this for my interior design blog here but also for our possible home decoration project that might start this fall.

As a side note: What is interesting also about this space in particular is that we can see the old apartment design that she had here.

The old apartment had a more graphical and colder feel than her latest design. The old design was in fact very much in line with what her art work and brand was about at that time, which inspired our thoughts around ‘Let Your Home Be a reflection of Your Brand‘ post around 6 years ago. With that in mind, and after taking a quick look at Therese instagram profile (@theresesennerholt) I can see that her style and brand today is as aligned with this new apartment design.

So back to our design thoughts around this apartment…

Why do we love Therese Sennerholt’s Apartment?

  • The use of a subtle color palette: Makes the home feel serene and mindful.
  • Layering of textures: The different layers of cohesive textures. All from blankets, carpets to the wall texture.
  • The bedroom wall finish: Adds warmth and depth.
  • Draped curtains: Adds a classic and elegant feel.
  • Curated design objects: Love everything from the displayed books, to the art work and to the displayed art sculptures.
  • Sculptured furniture: Here it is all about form and functionality.

What are your favourite things about this space and how does this space make you feel?

Therese Sennerholt's apartment
Curated art and objects gives this space an extra feeling of style.
Therese Sennerholt's apartment
A nice dressing nook that thinks of form and function.

The design Sourcebook

Interested in where to source some of the products that Therese have in her space?

Thanks to who listed these down we can easily source these objects below:

Utrecht armchairs  by Gerrit Rietveld for Cassina
Zig Zag chair by Gerrit Rietveld for Cassina
DUX sofa
Standard dining chairs by Jean Prouvé
Pipistrello table lamp by Martinelli Luce
Sculpture by Bo Arenander
Flag Haylard chair by Hans J. Wegner
Astep pendant lamp by Gino Sarfatti

Therese Sennerholt's apartment
A round dining table creates the feeling of a more secluded nook within an open space.

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Therese Sennerholt's apartment
The use of repetition is visible within this interior space: The countertop connects well with the bedroom walls.
Therese Sennerholt's apartment
Art kept to a minimal speaks a stronger story in some spaces.
Therese Sennerholt's apartment
A curation of books and magazines organized well gives the room a more personalized feel.


Therese Sennerholt's apartment
A glimpse into the living room from the dining area shows how well this space has used objects that connects with each other to connect the different rooms.
Therese Sennerholt's apartment
Playing with a simple color palette that feels cohesive allows for more room in regards of form objects.

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Therese Sennerholt's apartment

Photos: Erik Lefvander for Residence
Styling: Lotta Agaton Interiors
Found via
Icons made by Freepik from


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