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Filippo Bamberghi Photography

I have long been a fan of interior photographers. In fact this blog would not exist without the amazing interior spaces and photos. (I should probably even change position of the “interior space” word and “photos” as without any photos this blog would not be what it is today.)

Interior photographers
Stunning interior photography in this space. Love the focal point at the back wall and the lines created by the stairs and the table.

From when I wrote this post first in 2013, the art of interior photography was not very highlighted between bloggers (and online publishers). As my old post mentioned there was one of them, Emma’s Design blog who always had the photographers side and also got me to think more about this topic (beyond the credit line and permission question that I always did) – thank you Emma. A lot of other bloggers were using photos without permission and also without correct credits. Could have been due to the lack of knowledge, time, effort or the fact that they didn’t understand the value of the interior photographers, but still got me to think how these photographers felt.

Stepping back to 2013 again, with this new found curiosity of connecting more with the interior photographers, to understand more of what they think and also understand the art form. I reached out to a few photographers whom were truly superstars to me, example Jason Strong behind the Skype office photos. I gave it a shot to see if he, amongst some, were interested in having a chat. To my excitement I got a yes from these photographers and as a big fan, the curiosity to get some of my questions answered was a process I will never forget.

(I must admit in after hand, it was a very long interview and back and forth conversations – which I am still thankful of today but realising it was a lot of work on their side – thank you guys for participating!).

Some of the things I wanted to figure out was…

  • Copyright and bloggers using their images
  • Difficulties taking photos
  • What inspires and drives them
  • Design and photography: How much knowledge or passion does one have to have about it
  • + much more

Interior Photographers Interviews

And below is a list of the top two interior photographers we had a long and educational chat with.

Thank you guys.

Jason Strong
Jill Tate

All posts have been updated with lessons learnt and beautiful images thanks to the allowance from these photographers.

Interior photographers
Photographing people in interior spaces gives a feeling of realness and depth to me.
Interior photographers
A contemporary and creative interior setting which feels like it is photographed with a curiosity for a contemporary everyday weekend life.

What about new interior photographers?

So what about now? Fast forwarding to 2019 we can see that a lot of companies have started to appreciate this art form more and is even highlighting them on real estate companies as an example. (Well done guys!) To name one example, Historiska hem is one that at the top of the listing and before the images even show up have the photographer highlighted. (Really great stuff!)

And with a new fond love and passion for Design Studio 210 and an increased appreciation and curiosity for the process for these interior photographers we will continue these chats and the journey.

We will share the story, thoughts and process of more interior photographers in 2019 and 2020. And will update them all here on this page.

And in the meantime if you would like to learn more about how to take interior photography and some tips around here. I recommend this Youtube video.

What would you ask an interior design photographer?

I am curious to hear your questions. What would you ask an interior photographer? Do you see an importance in highlighting these type of photographers? Comment below and I will include them in the up an coming chats.

Also I wish to thank Filippo Bamberghi for letting us use his images for this blog post. Such a talent and kind person.

caroline broman design studio 210
Photographs of studio spaces really changes when people are in the setting.

Credit: Filippo Bamberghi


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