Hornsby Residence by Conrad Architects

Caroline Broman
Hornsby Conrad Architects

Confined and luxurious with a feeling of perfection yet soothing and warm – this is how I would describe the Hornsby residence by Conrad Architects in one sentence.

This contemporary interior space has been sitting on my phone for a week or so, eager to be shared. There are so many details with this space that I am in love with but mostly it is the clarity of the design process that I truly find inspiring. If you are interested in the design process, see it here.

What is so great about this inspiring space?

  • The clear use of rhythm and repetition throughout the space.
    Look at the countertops, the bottom of the pillars and the dining table legs for example. Don’t they resemble each other?
  • The use of materials: Carrara marble, natural oak and combine that with timber flooring in a chevron pattern.
  • The sparingly use of art in the space. All art has also been customized to fit the story of the space.
  • The built-in beauties: True craftmanship!

Want more design inspirations from Conrad. Check him out @conradarchitects

Hornsby Conrad Architects

Hornsby Conrad Architects
Hornsby Conrad Architects

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Hornsby Conrad Architects
Hornsby Conrad Architects


Hornsby Conrad Architects
Hornsby Conrad Architects

Credit: Conrad Architects
Builder: AGUSHI
Photography: Derek Swalwell
Styling: Simone Haag

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