Scandinavian Bohemian Interior

Scandinavian bohemian apartment

Continuing our quest to get inspired by Scandinavian interior design styles I am here taking a deeper look into a Scandinavian bohemian interior. This apartment might not be the clean and Scandinavian minimalist interior space that I usually need for my mindfulness, but somehow I am still drawn to it.

3 Quick Components that make up this style

1. Use white as a base
2. Decorate with memories that has a story
3. Decorate with vintage (used looking) pieces

The reason why I am drawn to this is the feeling I get by looking at this interior space. The space gives off this creative relaxed vibe yet fresh feel. You know the vibe that tells you to just quit your day to day job and start living off your passion projects while also learning how to do a craft on the side. This is exactly where I am at with this bohemian interior.

Scandinavian bohemian interior design
Scandinavian bohemian interior design

What is the Bohemian Scandinavian interior style?

So what is this type of interior style? Easiest to describe it is, as a mixture of the Scandinavian clean and simple lines together with a more relaxed and eclectic vibe.

It is very common in these type of interiors to find mid-century type of furniture mixed up with ornaments that all tell (or shows) a story.

An important element here to get this fusion between Scandi and bohemian, is to balance off those more rustic pieces with a white base. This white base is often seen as a wall color.

Ideas from this bohemian Scandinavian design

  • Find an apartment with brick details
  • Invest in leather goods that will mature by time (or go for vintage pieces)
  • Invest in plenty of greens and learn how to take care of them. (Important note to myself here)
  • Set up a creative nook for your side passion project
  • Add curtains and glass partitions instead of traditional doors
  • If you are looking for a more detailed lists on elements that inspire this type of look. MyDomaine compiled a list here that could be of inspiration.

If you are looking for a more detailed list on elements that inspire this type of look. MyDomaine compiled a list here that could be of inspiration.

Scandinavian bohemian interior design

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Scandinavian bohemian interior design

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Scandinavian bohemian interior design

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Scandinavian bohemian interior design


Scandinavian bohemian interior design

Credit: Historiska hem
Photo: Ozollapa
Stylist: Virkkunen


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